Articles by: Shawn Donohue

Benjamin Booker & High Water Rock Out Rough Trade Record Shop (SHOW REVIEW)

On June 5th a full house packed into the back of the Rough Trade Record Shop in Brooklyn, New York to see Benjamin Booker and friends celebrate the release of his second album Witness. Opening ...

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Pokey LaFarge Stirs Up Nostalgia Effortlessly on ‘Manic Revelations’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The St. Louis-based retro rocker Pokey LaFarge has updated his obsessive roots sound for his newest release Manic Revelations., just not yet into the 2000’s. While most of his past songs were comfortable in the ...

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Benjamin Booker’s Second LP ‘Witness’ Proves He’s No One Trickster (ALBUM REVIEW)

Benjamin Booker’s 2014 debut album was a blast of energizing, hip shaking rock and roll. On Witness his follow-up, Booker expands his sound, searches for new muses and struggles to sound grand. There are growing ...

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Thurston Moore Group Bring Extended Guitar Workouts to Music Hall of Williamsburg (SHOW REVIEW)

The Williamsburg section of Brooklyn was bustling on a picture perfect spring Saturday night this past May 20th as a New York City guitar legend was back in town with his new band playing theThe ...

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North Mississippi Allstars & Alvin Youngblood Set a Hot Riff Tone at Bowery Ballroom (SHOW REVIEW)

Just last week Luther Dickinson was bouncing around New Orleans, playing a variety of sets to coincide with that city’s Jazzfest, but now, with a new album on the horizon, he has teamed back up ...

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Los Colognes Make Pristine Guitar Travelogue With ‘The Wave’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Nashville five-piece Los Colognes third studio album The Wave is a pristine work of bright indie/dream pop that brightens any speakers it flows through. It is an ear-catching, complete artistic work from a group ...

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Thurston Moore Builds Upon Sonic Youth’s Strongest Passages On ‘Rock N Roll Consciousness’

In an interview with Salon a few years ago, Thurston Moore stated: “What I do as a songwriter, sitting alone with my guitar writing a song, it’s going to come out a certain way and ...

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Trombone Shorty Hits The Right Notes On Blue Note Debut ‘Parking Lot Symphony’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The fourth studio album from wonder trombone/trumpet player Troy Andrews aka Trombone Shorty is also his first for the iconic Blue Note label. Rather than go the classic jazz route on Parking Lot Symphony Andrews ...

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Craig Finn Hosts Crafty Record Release Party at City Winery (SHOW REVIEW)

On a mild spring Tuesday night in lower Manhattan, Craig Finn performed a one-off show on April 4th that was the record release party for We All Want the Same Things. The quaint City Winery ...

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Evolfo Mixes Up The Script On ‘Last of the Acid Cowboys’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The Brooklyn-based seven piece, self-proclaimed “rat rock” band, Evolfo are releasing their first full-length album Last of the Acid Cowboys and it is a fun ride. The players offer up a mix of garage rockin’ ...

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