Articles by: Shane Handler

St. Paul and The Broken Bones Bring The “Hits” To Phoenix (SHOW REVIEW)

“We call this the greatest hits part of the show, even though we only have two albums,” stated a sweaty Paul Janeway halfway through his sold out show on September 15th at Crescent Ballroom in ...

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SONG PREMIERE: Don Gallardo Hits All the Right Notes With “When The World Wakes Up” off ‘Hickory’ Due 7/22

Don Gallardo’s new album Hickory might sound a tad familiar if you appreciate the good stuff- the stand by artists and albums that never let you down: Wilco, Beatles, The Band, Neil Young, Bob Dylan. ...

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Quebec City Summer Festival: Home of The Shareable Wristband-Q & A With Programming Director Louis Bellavance (INTERVIEW)

 For a full 11 days in July, downtown Québec City plays host to the biggest, most eclectic and hands down the greatest value festival in all of North America (11 Days for $75 USD)  This ...

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Quebec City Summer Festival (Festival d’été de Québec)- Best North American Music Deal – 11 Days for $75 USD

Over the last ten years the Quebec City Summer Festival (Le Festival d’été de Québec) has grown into an international success, attracting some of the biggest and most prestigious artists anywhere. When looking at most ...

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Haiti’s Lakou Mizik Are Winning The Fight With ‘Wa Di Yo’ LP (INTERVIEW)

Lakou Mizik may not sound familiar to U.S. ears, but the epic tragedy (2010 Haiti earthqauke) the band was formed in the wake of, will forever be recollected. Lakou Mizik is a diverse collection of musicians ...

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Joe Jackson Kicks off Second Leg of ‘Fast Foward’ Tour In Scottsdale With Showmanship & Gusto (SHOW REVIEW)

Following a crisp and honest take on the obscure original gem, “My Hometown,” four songs in to his performance at the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts on June 16th, Joe Jackson had a word with ...

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SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW: Royal Southern Brotherhood Get Reflective & Raw On “I’ve Seen Enough To Know” – Cyril Neville Gives The Low Down

If you haven’t seen the live event known as Royal Southern Brotherhood in a club near you – seriously, you are truly missing out. Sure most live bands can fire it up on the stage, ...

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We Are The Willows Examine the Nuances Of Ambitious Two Part Album ‘Picture (Portrait) Pt. 1 & 2’ (INTERVIEW)

Minneapolis’ We Are The Willows recently celebrated the double vinyl release of Picture (Portrait) parts 1 and 2 on March 25th. Fans of The National, Sufjan Stevens and Basia Bulat will appreciate the sounds of this collective ...

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Philadelphia’s The Lawsuits Give Track by Track/Play by Play Account of Blistering New LP ‘Moon Son’

Philadelphia’s The Lawsuits released their second full length Moon Son on May 13th –  11 songs of unadulterated rock that pushes boundaries of genre defintion while remaining experimental and exciting: on a plateau just below that ...

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Todd Pasternack Returns to Upstate New York & Offers Eclectic New Trio ‘Bump’ (INTERVIEW)

In the time that passed since Todd Pasternack last recorded a new album, Facebook replaced MySpace as the number one community site, David Bowie was finishing up his last world tour, and a Bush was ...

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