Articles by: Trace William Cowen

‘Louie’ Contemplates Comedy as Art in Season Five Finale (TV REVIEW)

If the road never ends, why not take the occasional detour?

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‘Louie’ and the Perpetual Shedding of Baggage (TV REVIEW)

We might risk the journey to shed our baggage, but we’ll simply just gain new baggage along the way.

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‘Louie’ Lightens Up With Hilarious, Breezy “Sleepover” (TV REVIEW)

"Sleepover" offers a break from the (thoroughly enjoyable) onslaught of emotional, visceral messiness which defined the first chunk of Season Five.

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‘Louie’ Stung By Surreal Nightmares in “Untitled” (TV REVIEW)

'Louie' is plagued by surreal, Lynchian nightmares in "Untitled."

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‘Louie’ Stares Down Nameless Death in “Bobby’s Place” (TV REVIEW)

Whenever 'Louie' tackles the elusive concept of death, it broaches the subject with a peculiar – if not entirely skeptical – eye toward its more popular counterparts: life, rebirth, starting over.

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‘Louie’ Stares Into Existential Abyss in “Cop Story” (TV REVIEW)

Loneliness without celebrity is just loneliness, and Louie seems to be at odds with both.

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‘Louie’ Explores the Sobering Realities of Hierarchy With “A La Carte” (TV REVIEW)

Louie gives a young comic some valuable advice in this week's episode.

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‘Louie’ Begins Season Five With Brilliant, Low-Key “Pot Luck” (TV REVIEW)

After the experimental highs of 'Louie' season four, we are now in the throes of a character in some sort of recovery mode.

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‘Mad Men’ Hits the ’70s With Mournful ‘Severance’ (TV REVIEW)

"Severance" seems to suggest a slightly different Don Draper altogether — though still warring against himself, his past, and the illusion of the present.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Two Plane Rides’

The season three finale asks just as many questions as it answers -- which is to say, the lives of Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna are as “up in the air” as ever.

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