Vinyl Lives

New Releases From No Idea Records, Tiny Engines, Rippple Music

While the stream of new vinyl continues to find space in the better record stores, a lot of stuff, both mainstream and underground, is once again easy to find (though I seem to have missed ...

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Record Store Day 2010

Last year, I showed up at Sound Garden, in Baltimore's Fells Point, about an hour after they opened.There were a few people in there and some of the more desirable titles had sold out, but ...

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Side One Dimmy, No Sleep Records, Tiny Engines, Blackheart, Dischord

Recent months have given us some fine vinyl releases and I'll recap some that I've picked up from Side One Dimmy, No Sleep Records, Tiny Engines, Blackheart, Dischord

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On Record With Imagine Echoes

Jeff over at Imagine Echoes is a music fan with wide-ranging tastes who, until a year or so ago, had never owned a record.  Now, he has over 150, and in addition to building his ...

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For New Label Tiny Engines, Vinyl Is Very Much Alive

Tiny Engines is a brand new label, but they already have a second fantastic 7" under their belts.

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Recent and Upcoming Vinyl Releases: Miles Davis, Beastie Boys

This isn't intended to be a comprehensive list of vinyl (or even just the cool vinyl) that's come out over the last few months, but there have been some releases that definitely deserve to be ...

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An Introduction To Grading – Part 2

In my last column I discussed the difference between a seller who describes the condition of a record versus one who actually grades the record as well as what questions to ask and what to ...

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Long-Awaited Introduction to Grading

When you go to your local used record shop, it's easy to determine if a record is in the desired condition.  A visual appraisal right there in the store will give you a really good ...

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Record Store Day

It seems like there's never a shortage of new holidays that pop up and, sadly, marketing is almost always the force behind them.  Well, add one more to that list:  Record Store Day.  This holiday ...

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An Introduction To The Obsession Of Record Collecting

In 1977, at age 6, Glide's Bob Lange bought his first record, Kiss Alive, and started an obsession that's lasted a lifetime.  Welcome to Bob's new column dedicated to that very obsession, "Vinyl Lives"  ...

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