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Despite Dino-sized Plotholes, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Is Still Kinda Fun (FILM REVIEW)

The charm is gone, but the fun still remains.

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‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ and the Ghost of Innocence Past (FILM REVIEW)

In which the emotional weight of Mr. Rogers's absence comes crashing down on our reviewer.

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‘First Reformed’ Held Down By Its Own Heavy Hand (FILM REVIEW)

Global warming is, like, totally bad and spiritually wrong.

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‘Ocean’s 8’ Is Less A Reboot Than A Retread, And That’s Totally Fine (FILM REVIEW)

Sandra Bullock and co pull off a fun, if somewhat pointless, addition to the Ocean's franchise.

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The Squandered Potential of ‘On Chesil Beach’ (FILM REVIEW)

Charming leads nearly save On Chesil Beach.

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‘Hereditary’ Will Scare the Shit Out of You (FILM REVIEW)

It's probably best to get a blessing from a priest both before and after seeing Hereditary.

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Drew Pearce Takes Us On A Tour Deep Inside The World Of ‘Hotel Artemis’ (INTERVIEW)

Writer/director Drew Pearce on how the culture of Los Angeles, Korean cinema, and video stores influenced the making of 'Hotel Artemis'

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‘The Debt Collector’ Has Lots Of Violence, Little Plot (FILM REVIEW)

The action-comedy offers little style and no substance

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‘Beast’ An Intriguing, Taut Directorial Debut (FILM REVIEW)

No matter how close we get to someone or how much we think we know, there exists a void between you and anyone else that cannot be crossed. Trust is a bridge across secrets, but ...

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Fulfills The Promise Of Its Title (FILM REVIEW)

Director Ron Howard plays it safe with 'Solo'

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