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‘Logan Lucky’ Races Home (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Steven Soderbergh's latest heist film his now available to own.

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Ignoring ‘Woodshock’ Is Your Best Option (BLU-RAY REVIEW)

Vapid. Empty. Meaningless.

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It’s Best to Forget ‘Rememory’

Not even Peter Dinklage is good enough to save this mess.

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Rick Gets His Name In The Title Of This Week’s ‘The Walking Dead’ By Doing Something Incredibly Dumb

At this point, there's less walking than there is aimless meandering.

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‘Roman J. Israel, Esq.’ Is A Compelling, If Slightly Uneven, Tale Of Idealism (FILM REVIEW)

Denzel Washington delivers another standout performance in this uneven drama.

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The Delightful Holiday Blessings of ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas’ (FILM REVIEW)

Dickens is reimagined in this new holiday classic.

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Dan Gilroy On Activism, Idealism, and The Role They Play In ‘Roman J. Israel, Esq’ (INTERVIEW)

The Nightcrawler director talks Denzel Washington and his latest film.

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Pablo Schreiber Talks ‘Thumper’ And Humanizing Morally Gray Characters (INTERVIEW)

The actor discusses his latest film and how he works to bring relatability to morally grey characters.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Brushes With Greatness In ‘The Big Scary U’

After more than a few stumbles this season, The Walking Dead nearly stands up straight.

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‘Le Samourai’ and the Birth of Cool

Celebrating the Criterion Collection's re-release of Jean-Pierre Melville's classic noir on Blu-ray, we look back on what makes Le Samourai so enduringly cool.

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