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Moontower Comedy: Tig Notaro And Janeane Garofalo Say What’s On Their Minds

Austin's premiere comedy festival brought some bigs name in for its first night.

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‘Super Troopers 2’: Old Stoner Comedies Never Die, But They Do Age (FILM REVIEW)

Broken Lizard returns with a sequel to their cult comedy classic.

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‘Final Portrait’ and the Madcap Absurdity of the Artistic Process (FILM REVIEW)

The Stanley Tucci directed movie is a delightful musing on art and artists.

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ATX TV Fest Makes Another Round Of Programming Announcements

The lineup for season 7 of the ATX TV Fest just got even better. Coming on the heals of the recent announcement that the festival will have a sneak peak of the Sons of Anarchy ...

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‘The Walking Dead’ Is, At Long Last, All Out (Of) War – For Now

There’s something almost universally true about how the anticipation for a big payoff will inevitably leave one disappointed. Last night, after upwards of 40 episodes of teasing a final showdown between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) ...

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‘You Were Never Really Here’ Is A Surreal, Studious Look At Violence (FILM REVIEW)

Bold, nuanced, and calculating, You Were Never Really Here is as deeply affecting as it is uncomfortable.

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The Biggest Problem Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Has Been On Display This Whole Season

The latest episode showcases all of this season's problems. Can they be fixed by this weekend's finale?

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‘Rampage’ Is So Charmless Even The Rock Can’t Hold It Together (FILM REVIEW)

A lack of tonal focus makes Rampage a raging mess.

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Lance Henriksen Talks His Highbrow Western ‘Gone Are The Days’ (INTERVIEW)

The legendary actor sits down to discuss his latest role in the new western, Gone Are the Days.

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Addiction, Codependence, And One Night In Los Angeles: Netflix Goes Gritty With ‘6 Balloons’ (FILM REVIEW)

Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco break typecast in this gritty, grounded Netflix drama

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