Aaron Sorkin Delights with His Cinematic Directorial Debut ‘Molly’s Game’ (FILM REVIEW)

Jessica Chastain offers a brilliant performance in this witty thriller.

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‘Downsizing’ Thinks Too Small for Its Own Good (FILM REVIEW)

A valiant effort, sure, but Alexander Payne misses the mark big time.

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‘The Post’ is the Tribute to Journalism We Need Right Now (FILM REVIEW)

Spielberg returns to form with this journalism thriller.

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‘Eyes of the World: Grateful Dead Photography 1965-1995’ Showcases Fundamental Creativity of The Dead (BOOK REVIEW)

There’s virtually no text within the approximately two-hundred seventy-five pages of Grateful Dead Photography, but there doesn’t need to be. Apart from the acknowledgments, a listing of credits and a foreword from Graham Nash, only ...

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The Best and Worst at Day For Night 2017 (FESTIVAL REVIEW)

As a native Houstonian, it is a strange feeling to have an event in our city considered the paradigm of ‘cool’. Sure, Houston has incredible museums, an expansive ethnic food offering, and is home to ...

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Metz Unleash Pulsating Noise Rock on Austin (SHOW REVIEW)

A Metz appearance in Austin is like Christmas come early for dissonant rock enthusiasts in town, of which there are many. An army of black-clad testosteroned adolescents, long-haired metal vets, and discerning bespectacled hipsters all ...

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‘All The Money In The World’ And The Hollowness Of Prestige Filmmaking (FILM REVIEW)

Great performances still leave something lacking in Ridley Scott's latest film.

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Wannabe Reviews Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’

In the newest installment of Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle reviews DAMN., the album released earlier this year by rapper Kendrick Lamar that has been showing up on many best of the year lists, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on ...

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U2 Hits Cruise Control On ‘Songs of Experience’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Music and politics has a weird relationship. Of that there is no doubt. Inextricably linked and invariably representative of the vast diversity inherent in both aspects of life, over the years music has worked as ...

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NYC Indie Rock Duo QTY Make Strong Impression With Self-Titled Debut (ALBUM REVIEW)

New York City’s music scene can be competitive to say the least. Here it seems good bands are a dime a dozen, which makes it tough even for exceptional acts to get the recognition and ...

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