Okkervil River Makes Impressive Use of Small Performance Space at Colony Woodstock (SHOW REVIEW/PHOTOS)

It does not get any more intimate for a show then the tiny performance space at Colony which is inside the restored 1929 hotel in Woodstock, New York. Okkervil River hit the artsy upstate town ...

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Gene Clark Sings For You Might Be Byrds Founder’s Greatest Song Bonanza Yet (ALBUM REVIEW)

Gene Clark, the ill-fated troubadour, singer and songwriter, once at the helm of the Byrds and provider of further inspiration to legions of Americana warriors and wannabes that would follow him in the decades after, ...

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Johnny Marr Reignites Solo Chapter With ‘Call the Comet’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

In the decades following the dissolution of The Smiths it seemed that Johnny Marr was content to sit on the sidelines, offering his immeasurable talent to other songwriters. The past three decades have found Marr ...

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Steve Dawson Shines in Solo, Duo & Orchestral Settings on Instrumental “Lucky Hand” (ALBUM REVIEW)

Too often in this cruel music business the best musicians are under-recognized and/or underappreciated. Steve Dawson – master guitarist, songwriter, producer, and label head for Canada’s Black Hen Music is a prime example. In addition ...

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The English Beat Starring Dave Wakeling Return With ‘Here We Go Love’ – First New Album In 36 Years (ALBUM REVIEW)

Here We Go Love, the first album in 36 years by Dave Wakeling and company (appropriately enough on their own Here We Go Records) isn’t all that dissimilar from the best of their early work, ...

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‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor?’ and the Ghost of Innocence Past (FILM REVIEW)

In which the emotional weight of Mr. Rogers's absence comes crashing down on our reviewer.

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Buddy Guy Proclaims, With an Eye Towards Mortality – ‘The Blues Is Alive and Well’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Buddy Guy’s partnership with producer and songwriter Tom Hambridge has made him quite successful, as we now find Guy in his eighth decade. And, according to Guy, one of the last original Chicago blues legends, ...

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R+R = NOW Brings Together Robert Glasper & Top Jazz Artists For “Collagically Speaking” (ALBUM REVIEW)

R+R = NOW is a collective, brought together by Robert Glasper as a genre-smashing outfit that speaks out not as much in a protest mode, but more about expressing resiliency and hope.  Each member is ...

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Fantastic Negrito’s Modern Take on Blues Channels Urgency on “Please Don’t Be Dead” (ALBUM REVIEW)

Until his relatively surprising Grammy win in 2016, many of us were not familiar with Fantastic Negrito (a.k.a. Bay Area-based artist Xavier Dphrepaulezz (pronounced Deh-frep-aw-lez). Now he encores that winning album, The Last Days of ...

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Wannabe Reviews Spanish Love Songs’ ‘Schmaltz’

In the latest Wannabe, artist Chris Prunckle offers his illustrated commentary on Schmaltz, the new album from Spanish Love Songs, in his signature six-panel comic strip form. Click on the image for full resolution (best viewed on desktop):

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