October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween From Hidden Track

We don’t have any poisoned Three Musketeers or Syphilis-infested Twix bars, but we are doling out a heaping handful of old Halloween shows today. Enjoy the free streams, and remember

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Pullin' 'Tubes

It’s Tuesday, time for another exciting edition of Pullin’ ‘Tubes. Now if you would please, let’s all turn to the music section of your hymnals, and let’s begin on three

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What a Beautiful Buzz

Our man on the inside of Sunday night’s much-discussed, oft-Googled Rolling Stones concert bartered Injun-style with a member of Scorsese’s thugs for this copy of an annotated setlist. Interestingly enough, Brown Sugar is listed on this dually notarized document, but the band omitted it from the actual performance. Racism? I sure as shit wouldn’t rule it out.


Anyway, Hal Hansen’s a Friend of the Program here, and he so graciously offered to submit us a full review of the evening’s festivities. What follows is probably the most comprehensive review of anything ever, but it’ll also serve as the best eyewitness recap from the perspective of That Random Guy Just Like You that you’ll find anywhere on the information superhighway. So read on after the jump, or else Hal will surely cut you…job well done, sir.

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