December 13, 2006

Primus Rocks Your Pants Clean Off

We sent our resident left-coast photographer and good friend Felonious Monk down to the 12/3 Primus show in the California capital to snap a few shots of the action and deliver us a brief report of the evening…

Primus Les Big

Monk’s cherry-popping experience in the pit was so bizarrely overwhelming that he decided to share with us the ridiculousness of being a credentialed photographer. Maybe that lead-in sounds a little boring, but when a half-naked girl magically appears in the story, you’ll realize how interesting a night up front can be.

Using cliché-riddled math, the pictures he sent over should be worth exactly 7,000 words. But because he’s such a good guy and he took such exquisite pictures, I think we can bump that up to, like, 7,150. Check these puppers out…

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Grousing The Aisles: Podcast Edition

This week, Grousing The Aisles takes a look at the best podcasts on the web.

GTA logo

Just in case you are living in the early 2000s, a podcast is a file (usually mp3) distributed by subscription for use on a portable music device or on a computer. In researching this piece, it really surprises me more up-and-coming bands haven’t taken advantage of this cheap and easy way to market their music. For now, these podcasts are the best music you can buy (legally) for absolutely nothing:

Umphrey’s McGee: UM was the first band in the so-called jam genre to use podcasting to market their music. Just about every two weeks, the band releases a new 70-minute “Best Of” compilation…for free. This week the band released the 35th installment of the series that features the best music of July 2006. Jon McLennand, podcast coordinator for the band, reports “It’s been a fairly steady growth since the inception, starting from around 6,000 downloads per podcast initially to 20,000 currently.” Yes, 20,000! That’s a serious model for success…

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Stream A Peach: Allmans In Your Home

Can’t make it to one of the 417 Allman Brothers Band shows at the Beacon Theater every year? Want to see Gregg Allman look like Jon Voight dressed as Willie Nelson for Halloween from the comfort of your home couch instead of the deep balcony? Don’t wanna stand right behind Bill Walton’s enormous torso as One Way Out starts? Then get on over to the to the ABB site and vote in support of Butch Trucks’ new plan to stream the band’s Beacon run and beyond…


Read on for more details on this potentially awesome plan from a group of guys I wouldn’t automatically classify as all that tech-savvy…fix a laptop, eat a peach.

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The Glide 20 From 2006: The Year’s Best Albums

On the surface, with iPods selling in the millions, downloads becoming more and more accessible, and even the actual coining of the moniker, 'The MySpace Generation,' 2006 may appear to be a relatively quiet year for the album. But taken as a whole, it was actually another solid year for LP releases. Sure, there were less blockbusters and a few too many prematurely hyped 'next best thing' mp3s, but when we sat down to go over the piles of CDs, there were more than enough quality titles that had to be reluctantly voted off the island. What we ended up with was a list that offered a little bit of everything – a blurring of genres and styles, featuring artists who created definitive statements – easily identifiable as 2006, but timeless all the same.

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