June 26, 2007

Vegoose: Rage Against The Slot Machine

The Rage Reunion rolls on: The third-annual Vegoose Festival has announced Rage Against The Machine will co-headline this year’s Halloween weekend in Vegas. The festival’s promoters, Superfly Presents and A.C.

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Trey’s Horseshoe Curve Is Confirmed

Former 70 Volt Parade lead singer Trey Anastasio has confirmed he’ll be releasing a new album entitled the Horsehoe Curve on July 24th. As we previously reported, Horsehoe Curve is an all-instrumental album featuring Trey’s incredible dectet.

Illustration by Scott Lenhardt

Those hoping to hear songs written post-rehab will be disappointed: Most of the material on the album was written in the early 2000s, and this album was planned for release long before Trey’s current legal difficulties. Those who pre-order Horseshoe Curve will receive the Lucius Beebe EP which will include three live versions of songs from the album and two live tracks from Seis De Mayo featuring John Medeski and Jon Fishman.

This year marks the first summer in 16 years that Big Red will not be touring, but hopefully Big Red will come out of hiding to promote the new album. Currently an appearance on NBC’s Live From The Peacock Room is the only gig we can find on Anastasio’s schedule.

The full press release for the album follows after the jump…

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School’s In For Summer: A Full Day of Rock

Turnout at this weekend’s School of Rock Festival in Asbury Park was a little less than stellar. But while the three-day event was short on people, it was the short people that stole the show. The kids really are alright.

Sure, the festival featured big-timers like Ween, the Benevento/Russo Duo, Sam Champion, a late-night Bustle In Your Hedgerow set and plenty of others, but the kids from Paul Green’s School of Rock that descended upon the Dirty Jerz blew everyone away. If only we were half as cool and half as talented as these kids at that age…

Photo by SuperDee

We drove down to the Land of Springsteen for a Saturday > Sunday boardwalk excursion, a taste of the rock with a hint of the beach. As with just about everything they promote, Rocks Off and Paul Green put together an incredibly memorable and special event for the kid rockers, the cool parents, and the non-aligned revelers. The quality and caliber of the entire, well-run festival experience was only matched by the quality and caliber of the musical experience.

We arrived on the grounds as the Benevento/Russo Duo hit the stage, the first time I’ve seen them play since their Fifth Anniversary show at the Knitting Factory days after Christmas. The Duo plays rarely these days, and just like any indulgence, it tastes so much better when you space things out. Benevento seems as inspired as I’ve seen him in some time, and it’s always a treat to see Russo at the kit playing Duo tunes. After watching him anchor a number of different (and fantastic) bands, you sometimes forget how truly amazing he is on his own fucking songs.

Photo by SuperDee

Read on after the jump for more of our fanboy rundown of Saturday’s festivities, as well as pictures and a few videos from the event…

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Queens of the Stone Age: Era Vulgaris

Where most bands seem to hit a creative dead end after five albums, Era Vulgaris marks a creative high-point for Homme. Era Vulgaris isn’t thinking man’s rock ala Wilco or Radiohead, but it’s a ton of bad-ass riffs and melodies that makes for the perfect summer soundtrack.

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The White Stripes: Icky Thump

 You’re staring at a record that has enough spit and polish to be mainstream; enough off-kilter punk blues for diehards; enough sonic experimentation to cover up the groups’ normal shortcomings (Meg’s elementary drumming); lyrics that come from the wise and fun loving ventricle of Jacks heart (“And lots of other situations where I don’t know what to do/at which time God screams to me/“There’s nothing left for me to tell you”)…and you’re staring at the album of the year.

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The Cure Return To North America

The Cure, who are currently getting ready for a swing through Asia and Australia, have announced dates for a tour of North America. The band’s Asian tour kicks off July

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Weezer Returns with New Album

After more than a year’s worth of inactivity while frontman Rivers Cuomo finished an English degree at Harvard, Weezer has come back to life.The group "is just polishing up a

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