August 2007

Televised Tune: On the Tube This Weekend

The unofficial end of summer has arrived incredibly quick. Enjoy your three-day weekends, and be sure to set your DVR to record the following shows: Friday (all times Eastern): Showtime

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Friday Mix Tape: Going Into Labor

Uncle Neddy may still be sleeping off last night’s Bustle show, but somehow he’s found stolen time to throw down a pre-Labor Day minimix: “Here’s some crunchy stuff for a

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HT Giveaway: Piper At The Gates of Dawn

Bake a cake made of crazy and decorate it with scarecrows and gnomes and bicycles: It’s time for a Syd Barrett celebration. On September 4th, EMI Records will honor the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd by releasing special edition two- and three-CD sets of their debut album, The Piper At The Gates of Dawn.


Now, as part of our recurring Everybody Wins When I Plug Something And In Return We’re Offered Free Shit To Give Away Contests, we’re happy to offer up a free copy of the two-CD special edition to the lucky commenter that best answers this simple query: Piper, The Wall, Dark Side, Animals, or one of the other classic albums — which is the best Pink Floyd album from top to bottom? Explain your answer in 10 words or less (bonus points for Barrettesque insanity).

Read on after the jump for the full details of the special edition releases…

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The B List: 10 Soundcheck Vids, Vol. II

As we mentioned last week in Vol. I, soundchecks are a touring band’s chance to work out new material, get comfortable with a stage and, sometimes, let loose with each other (non-sexually). This week’s B List concludes a two-part series in which we’re featuring the best soundcheck videos out there on The YouTube. Some are hilarious, some rock, and others are simply…bizarre.

So make sure to read on after the jump for 10 awesome soundcheck videos, including Genesis, Skynyrd, Floyd, The Misfits, Zappa and many more…

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RIAA vs. The People: We’re All Losers

The intentionally oxymoronic Electronic Frontier Foundation has issued a 20-page report on illegal file-swapping and peer-to-peer sharing, and the results are exactly as you’d expect. Four years after the RIAA

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