August 23, 2007

The B List: 10 Soundcheck Vids, Vol. I

Soundchecks are a touring band’s chance to work out new material, get comfortable with a stage and, sometimes, let loose with each other (non-sexually). This week’s B List kicks off a two-part series in which we’ll feature the best soundcheck videos on YouTube. Some are hilarious, some rock, and others are simply…bizarre.

The first 10 videos follow after the jump, so read on for little-seen footage of Marley in Canada, Steve Vai showing off, Randy Rhoads rockin’ out, Mastodon, Macca, Axl Rose and more. Go on…

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Rhinoplasty: The Music Never Plays

We hope you’ve been taking our advice and downloading the MP3s that the Grateful Dead and Rhino Records have been giving away through its Taper’s Section on, because the

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MP3 Boot Camp: We Can’t Work It Out

John Lennon and Paul McCartney are by far and away the greatest songwriting team of all-time (save maybe Hall and Oates). But for all the good times, the two also

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Axl Rose Teams up with Sebastian Bach

Frontman Axl Rose has teamed up with former Skid Row frontman and long-time pal Sebastian Bach on Bach’s forthcoming solo album ‘Angel Down’. Rose appears on two of the album’s

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Ravens and Chimes: Reichenbach Falls

There are songs of the summer, albums that make you recall springtime or the falling of leaves; Reichenbach Falls, the debut from Ravens and Chimes is most certainly a winter album. Its snowy soundscapes and brushed wind chime keyboards slide into icicle coated glockenspiel, combined with the isolated frailty and indie-yearning of vocalist Asher Lack, the operatic movements play as New York City’s response to the Arcade Fire.

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The Decemberists Long and Short of It Tour

The Decemberists are known for their riveting live performances and innovative tours (their last featured the band playing with orchestras in five major U.S. cities). With their latest jaunt –

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