Police Reunion Looks Realistic

According to Billboard.com: Rumors are swirling that the Police will reunite for 2007 dates in England and the United States, which would be the legendary trio’s first since disbanding in

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One Band (Not Three): The Police Reunite?

Prepare yourselves for an onslaught of song-related puns. Over the next few months, we’re all about to be subjected to clever doozies like “I’ve read the Message in a Bottle,

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Tuesday’s Hors d’Oeuvres: Setlist Fever

Is anyone else feeling pretty groggy this new year? I returned home to New York yesterday after an amazing, yet brief, trip to Chicago for the Umphrey’s McGeestand at the Aragon Ballroom. But UM wasn’t the only band playing a gig on New Year’s Eve, which has become a major holiday on the calendar for many fans and bands.

So for this special Tuesday edition of Hors, here are a few links, followed by New Year’s Eve setlists from your favorite bands:

  • Just what you wanted and needed for the holidays: A complete list of all the music videos on YouTube, sorted by artist (via LHB)
  • Was anyone else a little creeped out by Michael Jackson’s appearance at the James Brown Funeral at the James Brown Arena?
  • U2 is ready to take it to the next level
  • Our friend Neddy took in the Widespread Panic NYE shows in Atlanta and reviews Saturday’s show on his site
  • Former kings of the hill Strangefolk and The Samples will combine forces to play at Sugarloaf in late January
  • Trey Anastasio returns to the scene of the crime
  • Check out these seriously awesome videos of Paul Green’s School of Rock playing the songs of the Grateful Dead

Read on for the jam-packed NYE setlists from some of the usual suspects…

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Vagabond Opera

Vagabond Opera……a unique ensemble, plays Eastern-European, klezmer-based original, jazz and belly dance music with skill, exuberance, and a gritty vagabond edge. Eric Stern, operatic tenor, accordionist, pianist, and composer leads the band as they play songs about thieves, Jewish weddings, Parisian tramps and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich. Every show is a cabaret of rich musical phrasing, sparkling lyrics and indomitable stage presence.

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Grayson Capps: Wail and Ride

While the term “Southern rock” usually comes from a lack of creativity, it most certainly applies to Capps’, as his drawl, love of whiskey (“Ed Lee”), rough-riding, tenacious sounds, and wisdom beyond his years exudes Southern rock in the truest sense.

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