December 7, 2009

The Number Line: Fall Tour One-Timers

Welcome to the first of five The Number Line columns looking back at the figures and stats of Phish Fall Tour 2009. Today, we’ll start by listing the one-timers – aka songs the group only played once all tour – at each and every show the band played on their recently completed jaunt.

[Photo by Tim Hara]

Total Songs Played at least once – 144
Total Shows Played – 13
Total One-Timers – 70

Fall Tour 2009 One-Timers:

Detroit: 4 (Horn, Mist, Runaway Jim, Bug)
Cinci 1: 1 (Fast Enough For You)
Cinci 2: 7 (Torn & Frayed, Strange Design, Ginseng Sullivan, Albuquerque, Dirt, If I Could, Sleeping Monkey)
Syracuse: 6 (Beauty Of A Broken heart, Drowned, BBFCM, Tube, Theme From The Bottom, GTBT)
Philly 1: 6 (Bathtub Gin, Camel Walk, The Curtain With, Twenty Years Later, The Mango Song, Simple)
Philly 2: 7 (Sugar Shack, Sleep Again, Train Song, Birds Of A Feather, Farmhouse, Esther, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’)

READ ON for the rest of the Fall Tour one-timers list…

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HT Review: Phish @ MSG Night Two

Words: Eli Badra
Images: Adam Kaufman

Watching Phish play this year has been a treat. While the band may not be quite up to snuff compared to their mid-90s selves, it can’t be denied that what we are witnessing is a slow but steady musical renaissance. For evidence, just listen to the eons-ago Boston performance and compare it to what we heard during two nights in Albany the previous weekend.


The band is reaching plateaux with each successive bout of touring, settling in comfortably before continuing upwards. As their foray through the Northeast draws to a close, Phish is playing the best music we’ve heard in 2009. It’s no surprise, then, that a three-night stint at Madison Square Garden – the site of some of their finest performances – comes with high anticipation. While Thursday’s show didn’t contain the bust-outs that have become standard this tour, nor the farthest-reaching threads of group improvisation, what it did feature was a perfectly paced and masterfully executed second set that was simply a joy to partake in.

Trey Anastasio kicked things off with the all-too-familiar guitar chugs to set up Punch You In The Eye, a solid opener that got the audience’s blood flowing. From there, the band jumped into Backwards Down the Number Line, wherein Trey laid down a brief but pleasant solo. Phish then touched on Axilla before dropping a somewhat extended Taste, which had the guitar really leaning on those minor-key notes throughout the solo.

READ ON for more of Eli’s thoughts and Adam’s photos…

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UM: Jake and Brendan’s Holiday Show

For the seventh holiday season in a row, Umphrey’s McGee guitarists Jake Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss teamed up for a special acoustic performance to benefit a local charity. This year’s

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Televised Tune: On the Tube This Week

Today, VH1 Classic will celebrate The Beatles with a day of Fab Four programming. Highlights include an airing of Richard Lester’s 1964 film A Hard Day’s Night (8PM), the John Lennon

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Los Lobos: Los Lobos Goes Disney

Both in their recordings and stage performances, Los Lobos take a child-like pleasure in their playing, so it makes perfect sense for them to produce a CD exclusively devoted to music from Disney movies. Los Lobos Goes Disney is not a children's album, however, but rather an album for the inner child–and music lover– in all of us.

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John Oates – Goes Back To HIs Roots In The Village

The Village happens to be Greenwich, the time was 1960-something and the cast is John Oates with twelve other veteran musicians (including Lucinda Williams, Bruce Hornsby, Los Lobos, Rickie Lee Jones and Amos Lee) putting their spin on classic folk songs. The result is The Village: A Celebration Of The Music Of Greenwich Village – 429 Records’s folk compilation that pays homage to the music that shook the world from the corners of McDougal and Bleeker Street.

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The Used – New Car Smell Every Time

The Used have been on Warped Tour four times and both Taste of Chaos and Reading and Leeds twice, yet they still manage to maintain that “new car smell” every show, every time.

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