March 9, 2010

Tour Dates: Let’s Go On A Hipnic

For the second year in a row the underrated San Francisco-based roots-rock band The Mother Hips will play host to an extremely intimate weekend festival at the Fernwood Resort in

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Picture Show: Soulive @ Brooklyn Bowl

Soulive @ Brooklyn Bowl – Friday, March 5, 2010

Words – Carla Danca
Photos – Jeremy Gordon

No one out there that can deny the energy that Eric Krasno and Alan and Neal Evans have as the trio Soulive, but when you add in a rotating casts of special guests, a giant disco ball, all night bowling and fried chicken you end up with so much more.

Many have spoken about how Pete Shapiro’s Brooklyn Bowl complex has changed the way people go to shows. With the Blue Ribbon kitchen cooking up tasty food till after the show is done, the only thing that you need to worry about is if you should go for the white or the dark meat. Bowlive on Friday night exemplified exactly how well this concept can work, a total carnival for the senses, creating an adult playground at its finest.

Scanning the crowd, there was interesting mix of people, young and old, hippie and hipster but everyone was in it together when Soulive started up a set that included their originals and some jaw dropping covers. As the first notes of the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby and I Want You (She’s So Heavy) rang out, everyone was looking around in disbelief. But before most people even realized, they were part of it, singing along and acting as one as Krasno broke out into the biggest smile.

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Televised Tune: On the Tube This Week

The BIO network offers a quintuple shot of juicy musical profiles on Thursday with in-depth looks at Buddy Holly (2pm), David Crosby (3pm), The Rolling Stones (8pm), Fleetwood Mac (9pm) and

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Telluride Says Yes: Will Phish?

After an extremely long meeting, the Telluride Town Council has approved AEG’s request to hold a pair of Phish concerts in Town Park on August 9th and 10th by a

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March Madness: Round of 32, Pt. 1

Welcome to the 2010 edition of Cover Wars – March Madness. We are taking our efforts from last year and doubling them: this year we’ve got 32 covers in the running for the Championship. Over the past year, we’ve had six different artists win Cover Wars more than once. For these winners, we have paired them up against each other in the first round. For example, if you were going to vote for Trey Anastasio because of your loyalty to him – now you have to decide if he plays a better O-o-h Child or Sultans Of Swing. We have also paired up original artists whenever possible – Did Joan Baez or The Grateful Dead do better justice to their Bob Dylan cover?

All of the winners’ audio/video has been embedded for you and we have linked back to the corresponding Cover Wars that led to each artist’s victory. We have enjoyed running this piece for you every week (or maybe, three times per month?) and hope you enjoy Cover Wars March Madness. My personal highlight would have to be us running The Ballad Of Curtis Loew edition in early May and seeing Phish pull the cover from deep off the shelf three weeks later at Fenway Park. Let’s look at the first eight matchups…

1) Cortez The Killer (Built To Spill) vs. The Maker (DMB)
2) Sultans of Swing (Trey) vs. O-o-h Child (Trey)
3) Will It Go Round In Circles (The Bridge) vs. Godzilla (GUTML)
4) Ballad Of A Thin Man (GD) vs. A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (Joan Baez)
5) Sweet Virginia (Phish) vs. Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Clare & The Reasons)
6) You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Max Creek) vs. Eminence Front (MC)
7) Naive Melody (Perpetual Groove) vs. Time (Flaming Lips)
8) Lenny (Umphrey’s McGee) vs. Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (UM)

For bout number one, we’ve got Built To Spill covering Neil Young’s Cortez The Killer vs. DMB’s cover of Daniel Lanois’ The Maker…

Built To Spill – Cortez The Killer
Dave Matthews Band – The Maker

READ ON to place your vote in this matchup and to check out and vote on the other seven March Madness bouts in this part one of our Round of 32…

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Hidden Flick: Fear Naught

[Originally Published: December 22, 2009]

WARNING: This week’s edition attacks all cherished earthbound concepts as if some alien intelligence, some Trickster, is looking down and laughing at us all. I blame Mike.

As the Aught decade comes to a close, most people take a look back at not only the last ten years, but—as humans dwell within the holiday season at the moment—what exactly fuels mankind’s collective metaphysical engine, and, alas, what should be left behind.


The 2000s will be forever remembered as the decade where the United States of America was brought to its knees, its outlook crippled, and as the era when centralized and focused greed and corruption finally toppled the Empire, pushing the dust far outside its own borders, cascading down and around for all to breathe; indeed, encircling the entire globe. Oh, but this is the time of Cheer and Good Will towards all Men and Women, no?

Well…let’s look at that concept, with a nod back to the FEAR that gripped this nation for nearly the entire decade, and think about what it is to be a HUMAN, and what motivates them, and what strikes deep anxiety within its mortal frame. Yes, let’s gander at our final Hidden Flick of the decade, the 11th of season 3, and 41st overall. I suppose it isn’t a stretch to describe the chilling film, Fire in the Sky as a subliminal holiday tale, as well.

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Video: Lisztomania – PS 22 Chorus

A few weeks back we hipped you to Umphrey’s cover of Lisztomania. For their version of the Phoenix tune, the Chicago-based jammers didn’t change the arrangement very much. The same

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Review: Wilco @ the Wharton Center

Wilco is many things, but as they will let you know, you oughta know Wilco and you really should. The Chicago band has seen a few different incarnations, all centering around singer/songwriter Jeff Tweedy and bassist John Stirratt. The latest incarnation seems to be sticking around, as the lineup hasn’t shaken up since 2004 with the last additions of jazz guitarist Nels Cline and multi instrumentalist Pat Sansone. However, despite the lengthy stint of this touring lineup their latest Wilco (The Album) is only the second with the current players, but it is still signature Wilco.

Tweedy’s songwriting is mirrored through dark passages in the live show and subsequently by the opposing beautiful harmonizations. In Tweedy’s words from the Sam Jones documentary, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart, “I don’t want to just fall back on a bunch of easy rockers.” And they wouldn’t as they came to Michigan State University’s Wharton Center.

Tweedy and company started the evening at the packed auditorium by diving into their catalogue with new material off of Wilco (The Album), as the drone and darkness of Bull Black Nova eerily twinkled to begin the night. The slow, psychedelic pings and patters give way to searing guitar pulls as the Tweedy and Cline ebb and flow the weirdness back and forth with the crashing guitar builds through the crowd. Organ swing followed on You Are My Face before venturing back into the drone and light drumming of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.

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