Telluride Says Yes: Will Phish?

After an extremely long meeting, the Telluride Town Council has approved AEG’s request to hold a pair of Phish concerts in Town Park on August 9th and 10th by a unanimous vote. Now that the town has given the promoters the green light, we move on to the final piece of the puzzle – the band working out a deal with the promoter to actually play the shows.

One of the biggest complaints from Colorado residents last year was the lack of tickets that went to locals. The Telluride Town Council dealt with this issue by working out a deal in which the promoters would put aside 1,500 tickets for each night for local residents. Are you planning to hit these shows? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

UPDATE: Merrick Chase of wrote about and took photos of the Telluride Town Council’s meeting at Rebekah Hall. Read his complete account and check out his photos HERE.

[AEG Live’s Don Strasburg and Planet Bluegrass President and concert promoter Craig Ferguson address the Telluride Town Council Tuesday morning on the topic of the now approved Town Park concert dates for Phish on August 9th and 10th of this year. – Photo by Merrick Chase]

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36 Responses

  1. I booked a room 2 weeks ago. I’ve lived between the mountains and Boulder for 16 years…wouldn’t miss it for the world!

  2. Hey the locals getting 1,500 tickets means that a few will be used and the other 1250 will be scalped. The town of East Troy never gets a ticket allotment when the boys come to town.

  3. We reserved our condo 3 weeks ago and it’s 2 blocks from the venue so I really hope tickets will come our way. We got lucky with the lottery last year for RR.

  4. Hotel booked on Feb. 17. Now just need to score tix. This is going to be unbelievable if it works out.

  5. 1,500 for locals is ridiculous. Wish I could basically be promised tickets for every show in my home town…

  6. define local? Residents of Telluride? Coloroda? general Rocky moutain states? Why don’t you just say that only 50% of the tickets can be sold to people from new-england, where phish’s fan base lives? Bad,bad fan base!

  7. that is stupid to let locals get tix. true fanzzz want those tix! like an earlier post said, i bet most of those will tix for the locals will get scalped. errrrrrr…..

  8. Definitely want to be in Telluride this summer!!! Don’t really have a problem with locals being guaranteed some tix…but 1,500 out of 9,000…that’s quite the percentage!! Geez, I guess the rich get richer on that one! Still gonna try to make it!!

  9. giving 1,500 tix a night to locals is ridiculous. Over 1000 of those will be marked up 200% and sold on stubhub, ebay, or scalped

  10. They just have to work out the details of a Contract before Phish will “accept”. They already said “yeah we would like to..” or AEG would not have gone through all the trouble.

  11. Its not likely that many of the Telluride resident’s tickets will be scalped – we live for experiences like this – why else would a town this size continue to put on shows like this. Thank God the Town Council has the wisdom to take care of us instead of throwing us to the ticketmaster wolves. I’ve been boxed out of enough shows to know that without a plan, nobody from town would be able to get in to the show.

  12. For full coverage moving forward including the complete story, “PHISH IN TELLURIDE – TOWN COUNCIL SAYS “YES,” WHAT WILL PHISH SAY?” as well as links to stories, photos, videos, and all things ‘Phish Telluride,’ as well as Photo Albums from Phish’s Festival 8 and the Hampton Reunion, please visit .

  13. If I was a local Id scalp the %&^$ out of those ticets too. Good thing the band GIVES me tickets to come to they’re shows.

  14. The Town Council asked for locals to be given tickets before the general public and AEG’s Don Strasburg said no, that they would wind up on Craig’s List and eBay. I think that shows the promoter will try to make sure these 1,500 tickets do wind up in locals hands. It wouldn’t be too hard to do, make all those who buy these “local tickets” pick them up at Will Call with a valid Local ID and then they must come right into the concert.

    Those trying to compare to other shows should realize this is a unique situation and one of the quirks of trying to plan shows at venues that aren’t typical Phish venues. Just think about the impact these shows will have on this extremely small town that only has one way in and out. Telluride isn’t East Troy.

    Consider the capacity 7500 not 9000, because it seems that the promoters had the option of selling 1500 tickets to those who won’t need to drive in or not having the concerts.

  15. Josh – I believe they mentioned that the “locals” tickets will be for residents of San Miguel County.

  16. I plan to attend these upcoming rock and roll concerts and I will certainly be accompanied by many of the worlds fire most shards and will be SIITB of any fan requesting it. As a local, I would like to request that they keep those lousy gem and mineral dealers, and especially the homeless, away from our town. I won’t hesitate to give either a swift kick in the bum or an open handed chinslapping.

  17. am i planning to go to these shows? it would be nice!!! i live up in fort collins, and i was shut out of all the shows at red rocks last year. i had 4 people do preorder for me, we were all denied, i went to ticketmaster day of public ticket release, and had 2 others at home both on phones and computers….everybody denied!!!
    so do i think i will be going to these shows. probably not, but i will be trying very hard. will i be paying scalpers prices for 2010 phish no *ucking way

  18. This ticket situation is what always happen when the concerts (Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues & Brews) come into town. It’s because the concerts triple the population of the town in 1 day….’locals tickets’ have been happening for years…no news here…move along.
    I’m pretty sure you need to pay your water bill to the city to get access to such tix….

  19. I wonder why locals are so upset over this event. First it will bring revenue to the town and second the moment Phish leaves so will every single phan or “homeless followers”. With all due respect to the town it is beautiful but the visitors are going there to see Phish and that’s it. And they will only be there a few short days. I live at the beach and have tourists year round and I’d be thrilled if they were only there a couple of days.

  20. I havent seen phish since Big Cypress. I will try any means to try and get tickets. I am planning my whole summer arround being able to attend this show.

  21. Those who think the locals tickets will wind up being scalped have no idea what the Telluride community is all about! Everyone likes seeing shows and having a good time! (and there are a lot of phishheads in t-ride!)

  22. I lived in Telluride for 4 years and have seen the boys 60 times. Between Bluegrass, Blues and Brews (my fave out there), and even the lesser known Jazz Festival, Telluride folks are beyond passionate about their music. I would tean to say less than 10% of the local tickets distributed will go to resale. As I’ve said to numerous folks, this is my ultimate non-sexual fantasy, Phish in Telluride.

  23. I have a room at the mountainside inn confirmed and me and a large crew of my closest friends from the Boulder area(we are all 30’s and 40’s) are needing tickets. We are concerned for sure. We hope there will be some love aimed in our direction.

  24. Well, I am 21, I need like 5 tickets for myself, my boyfriend, and a few of his friends. I am from Farmington, New Mexico. I am 3 hours away!!!

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