March 12, 2010

The Number Line: TAB Tour Stats

In February, Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB completed a highly successful 16 show tour. While certain songs were played every night, there were plenty of tunes that made sporadic appearances over the three week jaunt. For this edition of The Number Line we took a close look at the setlists from each of those shows to compile a few statistics you might find interesting.

[Photo by Joe Ringus]

Here’s what we came up with…

400 – Total Songs Played
50 – Different Songs Played With Full Band
30 – Songs Also Performed Live by Phish (First Tube, Sand, Gotta Jibboo, Mozambique, Alaska, Drifting, Mr. Completely, Let Me Lie, Wilson, Backwards Down the Number Line, Bathtub Gin, Brian and Robert, Chalkdust Torture, Magilla, Sample in a Jar, Water in the Sky, Back On The Train, Kill Devil Falls, Sleep Again, Strange Design, Waste, Windora Bug, Beauty of My Dreams, Driver, Farmhouse, Heavy Things, I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome, Joy, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, The Inlaw Josie Wales)
18 – Different Songs Played Solo Acoustic
18 – Most Songs Played in a Set (2/21/10 Set 1)
16 – Shows Played
14 – First Tube Encores
10 – Shine Openers
9 – Shows That Featured A Solo Acoustic Portion
8 – Black Dog Set 2 Closers
7 – Lowest Number of Songs Played in a Set (2/25/10 Set 2, 2/21/10 Set 2, 2/16/10 Set 2)
7 – Number of Band Members
7 – Different Covers Played (Sultans Of Swing, Black Dog, Small Axe, Sweet & Dandy, Beauty Of My Dreams, I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome, Rocky Mountain Shuffle)
6 – Full Band Songs Played Only Once (Flock of Words, Heavy Things, Love Is Freedom, Moesha, Peggy, Rocky Mountain Shuffle)

READ ON for more Trey and Classic TAB stats…

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Friday Mix Tape: Do You Have Soul?

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here in New York City, a trend that is supposed to continue on through the rest of the weekend. In this kind of weather I

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The Disco Biscuits Planet Anthem Review

While album reviews typically fall under the domain of the Glide main page, we’ve decided to make a very rare exception to review the Disco Biscuits long awaited LP, Planet Anthem, which comes out on Tuesday.

The Disco Biscuits have never been afraid to polarize, and make no bones about it, with Planet Anthem they are about to do it again. Upon a first pass of the LP, listeners will ponder a slew of questions in trying to digest the new release from the Philly electro-jam act. Is this an identity crisis or a reinvention? Who did they make this album for? Did everyone agree to this?

With a bouillabaisse of sound chock full of club bangers, auto-tuned hip hop, thrash romps, Radiohead-eqsue introspectives and synth-laden techno grooves, the visceral reaction screams, “Oh my god, they made album for undulating dudes in banana hammocks at the Jersey Shore.” At first, these songs seem better suited to be played by a toned-up MC than by a musical ensemble who wields jaw-dropping instrumental command and improvisational prowess.

You have to sit with it. Once the shock value wears down, the album grows on you.

Ironically, despite all the guest vocalists and auto-tuning, both of which likely cater to the frequent quips about the quality of the Disco Biscuits’ singing abilities, the song The City, stands out as the best track on the album with Marc Brownstein’s vocals coming as a total breath of fresh air. The song also holds most true to the title of the record, as it contains the most distinctive melody, stellar production, and heavy doses of “oohs” and “aahs” to capture the cathartic, anthemic spirit that the Biscuits so successfully developed throughout the years.

READ ON for more of Ryan’s thoughts on Planet Anthem…

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March Madness: Round of 32, Pt. 2

Back on Tuesday, we kicked off our annual Cover Wars – March Madness tournament by asking you to vote on the first eight matchups in our Round of 32. Today, we’ve got the other eight first round bouts for you to check out and vote on. As we mentioned on Tuesday, we took 32 Cover Wars winners from the last 12 months and pitted them against each other as we start a competition to crown the best cover from this year’s column.

All of the winners’ audio/video has been embedded for you and we have linked back to the corresponding Cover Wars that led to each artist’s victory. We have enjoyed running this piece for you every week (or maybe, three times per month?) and hope you enjoy Cover Wars March Madness.

First, we’ll list each of the matchups followed by audio (or video) of each cover, so check out the bottom half of the bracket…
1)Life On Mars? (Phish) vs. The Ballad Of Curtis Loew (Phish)
2)Tomorrow Never Knows (801) vs. I’m Only Sleeping (Jeff Tweedy)
3)Going To California (Great White) vs. Band On The Run (Foo Fighters)
4)Baba O’Riley (Pearl Jam) vs. Harvest Moon (Pearl Jam w/Sleater-Kinney)
5)Moonage Daydream (of Montreal) vs. Bohemian Rhapsody (Pink)
6)The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Primus) vs. Skin It Back (Widespread Panic)
7)Standing On The Moon (Bruce Hornsby & Trey) vs. Dupree’s Diamond Blues The Waybacks)
8)Helpless (YARN) vs. Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ (YARN)

For bout number one, we’ve got Phish taking on themselves as the legendary jammers’ cover of David Bowie’s Life On Mars? goes up against their version of The Ballad of Curtis Loew by Lynyrd Skynyrd…

Phish – Life On Mars?
Phish – The Ballad Of Curtis Loew

READ ON to place your vote for all eight of today’s bouts…

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God Street Wine Announces More Shows

Due to how quick God Street Wine’s reunion shows at the Gramercy Theatre sold out, the band has decided to add two more shows. On July 16th and 17th, GSW

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F4tF: Twitter Lists for the Foodies

By now one can assume that everybody knows about Twitter as a great resource for instant information. Some of it useful, some of it TMI. I have learned in the last two years that if you follow people that provide you with the information that YOU want, Twitter is a great resource. On my Twitter feed, I follow a lot people in various areas: food, music, travel, news et al.

I thought I’d share some recent tweets that piqued my foodie interest. Whether it was an event, restaurant, chef, mixologist or market that I may not have heard about.

The first batch comes from the @NewYorkology/nyc-food-drink-sweets Twitter List, which contains my feed among others…

MichelinGuideNY enjoyed the new spring menu at Kajitsu from start to finish… understated excellence

thefeednyc Cheap eats: Taste your way through the World Financial Center for less

nytimesdining Japanese Master of the ‘Hard Shake’ Comes to Town

jacquestorres Check out my Bean to Bar tutorial on seriouseats!!

READ ON for more tweets of interest to foodies…

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Video: She & Him – In The Sun

On March 23rd, our favorite actress and singer-songwriter music act – She & Him – will release their sophomore album Volume Two. The album features a mix of Deschanel-penned originals,

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