Allman Brothers Band @ United Palace – Night One: Setlist and Recap

It’s too bad longtime owner of the United Palace, Reverend Ike, wasn’t around to see the Allman Brothers Band take up residence in the building he saved from destruction in 1969. The legendary southern rockers kicked off their traditional March Madness run tonight at the untraditional venue. As we’ve discussed ad nauseum, MSG Entertainment essentially kicked the band out of the venue they normally fill in March, the Beacon Theatre, so that Cirque De Soleil’s Banana Shpeel could run there. Karma is a bitch, however, as Banana Shpeel’s start has been pushed back for a second time and the Allmans looked right at home with a scorching first performance.

The show started around 8:15 this evening and we followed along using the Moogis webcast. The quality of the webcast was rough during the first set as both the audio and video froze at regular intervals. Apparently the tech guys at Moogis made some tweaks, because the quality was much better during set two. The director did a great job of not switching between cameras too much and always seemed to get the perfect shot. You could make out each instrument distinctly thanks to a well-balanced audio mix.

As far as the music, you wouldn’t have guessed it was the Allmans’ first show of 2010. Every member of the band had their moments during the first night including Gregg Allman, whose voice sounded strong. For last year’s 40th Anniversary run at the Beacon, the Allmans welcomed guests to the stage every night except for their actual anniversary. Tonight, there weren’t any guests at the UP. The bust out of the night came in the first set when the group debuted their take on Little Milton’s That’s What Love Will Make You Do – a song Warren has performed many times with Mule. In fact, Warren and Derek had played the tune last week at an Open Jam in Atlanta.

For the encore, Warren and Derek came out by themselves and delivered a searing version of Son House’s Preachin’ Blues. Warren paid tribute to the history of the venue by changing the lyrics to reference “Reverend Ike’s Church”. Reverend Ike and his congregation put lots of love and money into the restoration of the United Palace before he passed away last July. We’re sure he was smiling somewhere watching the Allmans preach.

Here’s how tonight’s show looks on paper…

Allman Brothers Band
March 11, 2010
United Palace
New York, NY

Set 1: Don’t Keep Me Wonderin’, Hot ‘Lanta, Statesboro Blues, That’s What Love Will Make You Do, No One Left To Run With, Desdemona, Every Hungry Woman, And It Stoned Me, Kind Of Bird

Set 2: Melissa, Ain’t No Love, Come And Go Blues, Rocking Horse, Black Hearted Woman > Oteil Jam > JaBuMaOt > Black Hearted Woman > The Other One > Black Hearted Woman, Jessica

Encore: Preachin’ Blues, One Way Out

The run continues tomorrow evening. Did you go to the show or watch the Moogis webcast tonight? We’d love to hear what you thought about the venue, the stream or the band’s performance.

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19 Responses

  1. The “restoration” to me looks more like a paint over job. Sorry. I hope at least they spent money to fix the building structurally. The lobby is fairly decent and Glide Magazine should have chosen a photo of that and the grand staircase instead of a balcony. I think Dolan did a great job on the 16 million dollar Beacon restoration. It’s beautiful now. When I saw fans putting cigarettes out on the brand new carpet last ABB run, I knew the ABB wasn’t going to have an easy time negotiating another contract with Dolan. It’s unfortunate the band didn’t have competent advisers around this issue. They needed someone with a long term and sophisticated understanding of the politics and demographics of NYC. I tried my darnedest to write on their web site about the factors that should have been considered. I’ve lived in NYC for a long long time and have a deep understanding of the neighborhoods and the travel patterns of the larger metropolitan area. It is with sadness I would say to them “bring the band down to south of 96th Street and you can play in NYC till you want to retire.”

    I love the ABB. They are a great band and they have a loyal following. They can continue to tour with their great music well beyond the existing member’s interest. It is the music that propels this band because they hit on a unique sound. They took the blues and mixed it with jazz and they created what many call Southern rock. As a lifetime Northerner, to me I just call it American rock and roll. How many other bands besides the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead can America claim as having a forty, going onto fifty year impact on contemporary American rock music? None that I can think of. Long live the Allman Brothers Band. Long may you run. ~Angelemerald~

  2. I went to the the show last night. The band played great. My only complaint was with the venue/crowd. The staff wouldn’t let me stand up! I had to remain seated. First I stood up at my seat, then staff came by to tell me to sit down because people behind me couldn’t see. So the next song I decide to stand in the aisle (so as not to block anyone’s direct view), again I was told I had to sit down (by a different member of the staff). Next song I decide to go to the very back, behind all the seats, a third member of the staff told me I couldn’t stand back there, but had to be in my seat. Meanwhile, there are a bunch of vacant seats in front of us, the staff would then go down there and check tickets (like an hour into the show), getting people back to their seats. Way too uptight staff. It probably didn’t help that the age demographic is older and that most of the people want to sit. Definitely took some fun out of the show.

    On top of all that, the sound quality was not good. The low end was muddy. They shouldn’t have rock concerts at this venue.

  3. I forgot to mention. There is only one bathroom (one for men, one for women) in the entire place. Expect long lines.

  4. So Angela the self appointed expert comments on the venue even though she was at home watching it on Moogis last night and commenting on the moogis forum? WTF?

  5. Duane, I wouldn’t blame the staff about being uptight. I would blame some in the audience for forgetting how to have fun at concerts or for getting old. You’re supposed to act like you’re young and stand up, clap and yell unless you’re physically unable to. I’ve been going to concerts for 35 years and I’ve never sat on my ass for the entire show!

    Concert was great! Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks were fantastic! Venue is old and a converted church but who cares? It’s all about the music and the music was great!!!

  6. Duane, I wouldn’t blame the staff about being uptight. I would blame some in the audience for forgetting how to have fun at concerts or for getting old. You’re supposed to act like you’re young and stand up, clap and yell unless you’re physically unable to

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