Lost Cubicle Chatter: Happily Ever After

Lost My Mind Just a Couple of Times: No complaints really from this episode. Sure, the love theme is coming on a little strong, but that’s always been a big part of the show and you know it’s going to a key element in the ending. In fact, I bet Geronimo Jackson covers Tesla’s “Love Song” before this is all said and done. Also, while Charlie’s erratic behavior initially hearkened back to why he used to drive everybody bananas with the whining and weird expressions, even he worked perfectly in this one.

Overall: What a fabulous episode. It took a little down time to let it sit in, as the Desmond episodes have always been game changers going all the way back to season two when they first discovered him in the Hatch, and this one didn’t have the big in your face moment folks expected such as Widmore’s mission revealed or the “sacrifice” resulting in a death. Instead, we got more questions with just five episodes to go, but the characters starting to “feel” the alternate timelines, lots of subtle twists of fate, Eloise seemingly driving the bus for the whole sideways reality, and Desmond figuring it all out and going zen and the end of the story made this episode an instant classic. And I loved the part about how Faraday blacked out and drew up his quantum physics equations for time travel.  Overall: A

Discussion Points: 1) Why all the references to Desmond having any metal in his body and why is his “talent” so important? 2) So, what do you think Widmore’s mission entails and do you believe he has ultimately good or bad intentions? 3) Was there any significance to George Minkowski’s return, since cracking up on the freighter in “The Constant.” 4) Do you think it’s safe to assume that they successfully detonated the nuke? 5) Finally, next week’s episode is worthy of having all your Lost friends over for a little get together as it’s the Hurley episode. Any predictions for the outcome?

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  1. In theory, Farady set off the nuke. Doesn’t matter who physically hit the switch. He put that thought out there, and it was executed. Hence, Juilet’s “words” to Miles:

    “It worked.”

    Now, all of THAT could be yet another smoke screen, but who cares? Greatest Show Ever. Excellent work, Ryan!

  2. yeah i think we would be overthinking it if the nuke didnt go off. something surrounding the incident with the nuke in the swan site altered the timelines.

    desmond is the only one with the ability to swap back and forth between the two timelines and not go crazy. seems eloise and widmore are aware of the 2 timelines but they cant swap back and forth between them. i think he is going to get the flight manifest in the LA timeline to get everyone to realize its not quite right. eventually its going to be desmond that brings everything together. or maybe its love that will save us all. either way, desmond is the man.

    charlie is the wildcard, bitches!!!

    i think its going to be great till the end…lot has to happen in the next 6 episodes. my prediction: hurley will talk to dead people next week.

  3. Metal in body–those questions by the tech to Desmond are actually standard if you are going to have an MRI-its a big magnet so they need to know if you have any metal inside you & you have take off all jewelry/watches/etc. I’ve had a couple of MRIs & that’s how I know. Had one MRI done of my brian & had metal in my knee from knee surgery–depending on where your MRI is focused medal inside your body can blur/mess up the image. So, I think it was just Lost being, ha ha, realistic as to the prep/etc of getting MRI-was identical to my experiences, except for the time travel/face melt poor Desmond had 🙂

  4. I got the feeling there was more to the repeat metal questions too. I think Desmond is actually an android. Only kidding, but it may have to do with why he can tolerate the intensity of the energy fields.

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