April 28, 2010

Intermezzo: Bonerama @ Tips

The second weekend of Jazz Fest is upon us and one of the more intriguing shows in the French Quarter takes place at Tipitina’s French Quarter late night on Saturday

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Briefly: Gorillaz Webcast on Friday

The hottest tickets in the U.K. this year seem to be ducats for Gorillaz’s performances tomorrow and Friday night at Camden’s Roundhouse. While tickets sold out immediately, you’ll be able

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HT Giveaway: Amberland Festival Passes

Every Memorial Day Weekend Perpetual Groove fans from across the country gather at Cherokee Farms in Lafayette, GA for the group’s annual festival – Amberland. Over the course of the

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Cover Wars: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

This was originally supposed to publish last Tuesday, where it would have been nice and topical, but time got away from me as I took a little vacation to the West Coast, but I’m back. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, numbers which multiply together to equal 420 in case you never went to college, is the opening track on Bob Dylan’s 1966 release Blonde On Blonde.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

The Black Crowes: In addition to performing the song live, The Black Crowes also contributed a studio take to this 1995 disc for NORML that also includes Gov’t Mule performing Don’t Step On The Grass, Sam, and Widespread Panic’s studio take of And It Stoned Me, amongst other tracks. Source: Hempilation: Freedom is NORML


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Late Night: MGMT/Green Day/Conan

Yesterday was a big day for news about late night shows and hosts as we found out that MGMT will appear as part of the Live On Letterman series on

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Video: Chris & Andy – Lazy Sunday

Back in 2005, Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell achieved runaway viral success with SNL’s second-ever Digital Short, Lazy Sunday. During  Parnell’s appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon back in

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Tribeca Film Festival 2010 Musical Fare

Perusing the handbill for the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival, one can’t help but notice the degree of music related content prevalent throughout this year’s festival. From high profile documentaries, to risqué themed narratives, to films with excellent soundtrack material, the Tribeca Film festival provides music-loving film buffs with plenty to ponder seeing.

Since few folks actually have the time and energy to really dig into the festival in great depth, we thought we’d give a brief rundown of some of the compelling content to be on the lookout for as many of these films will surely find their way to wider releases over the course of the coming year.

Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage – Already one of the most highly regarded films at the festival regardless of genre, this Rush documentary is garnering some serious praise. From interviews with contemporary heavyweights like Billy Corgan, Kirk Hammett, and Jack Black, to heaps of rare live and behind the scenes footage, Rush fans may finally have their defining documentary. By most accounts, this is one of the highlights of the entire festival and a masterpiece for fans of either the band or music films in general.

Last Play at Shea – Set to the music of Billy Joel’s final performance at the storied ballpark in Flushing, Last Play at Shea ties together the history of the stadium, it’s Amazin’ Mets, and one of its most beloved musical performers in what sounds like a pretty touching documentary. Review

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Muse Expands North American Tour

Muse have expanded the schedule for their upcoming tour of North America. As previously reported, the group announced a 14-date tour of the US and Canada, but they’ve now added

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