June 30, 2010

FestivalNews: Nateva/CB9/All Good

Well, the first annual Nateva Festival starts Friday in Oxford, ME and we’ll be honest – we weren’t sure this festival would happen at all after a number of permitting

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Rush Kicks Off Tour in Albuquerque

Rush’s Time Machine Tour started last night at the Hard Rock Pavilion in Albuquerque, NM, where the prog rock pioneers filled two lengthy sets with classics, rarities and 1981’s Moving Pictures in its entirety to open set two. We’ll hold off on posting details about the rarities that are part of the setlist until after the jump for those who don’t want their Rush experience spoiled as the band tends to stick to the same setlist at each stop on the tour.

[via Rush.com]

You can always count on Rush to have an interesting setup and for this tour they’ve added a cool H.G. Wells-looking Time Machine to the stage. It also appears as if drummer Neil Peart has added even more pieces to his ridiculously large drum kit. As with past tours, each set begins with a video and here’s the clip that introduces Tom Sawyer for set two…

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Cover Wars: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is the title track from the 1998 Neutral Milk Hotel indie classic. Such a classic that Pitchfork gave it a perfect 10.0. Well, they gave the reissue a perfect 10. Some call it the most important indie album of all-time, only a select few super-hip fans of the genre wouldn’t put it in a Top 5 list, though saying that Neutral Milk Hotel is overrated is also popular. Point is, if you didn’t know of this band, album or song until Phish covered it last week – go buy it and listen to it over and over again.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Fanfarlo: This London-based ensemble released this video on their official YouTube page for something they have called their “laptop sessions”.

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Hidden Track Interview: Bill Kreutzmann

For a guy who was not all that long ago described as “semi-retired,” Bill Kreutzmann seems to be everywhere these days. No sooner did his BK3 trio peter out than a new band with Papa Mali, 7 Walkers – a fierce little unit spawned from a place where psychedelic Dead meets the spiciest, unruliest New Orleans funk and R&B – came to the fore.

[Photos by Andy Hill]

And wouldn’t you know it, neither unit will be Kreutzmann’s main focus this summer. That’d be the Rhythm Devils – Kreutzmann and brother in arms Mickey Hart – back on the road with a retooled lineup that features percussionist and longtime associate Sikiru Adepoju, as well as Keller Williams, singular as ever, bass ace and former Gov’t Mule anchor Andy Hess, and, most intriguingly, Back Door Slam frontman and shredder Davy Knowles.

Hidden Track briefly caught up with Kreutzmann as the Rhythm Devils tour prepares to get underway.

HIDDEN TRACK: You’ve got so much going on at the moment and plenty of projects, from Rhythm Devils to 7 Walkers. What’s top priority these days?

BILL KREUTZMANN: Right now it’s Rhythm Devils, 100 percent. I’m just focusing on that. I like to focus on one band at a time.

HT: Fair enough. You have a new and interesting lineup for Rhythm Devils, for which I guess Davy Knowles is the wild card. Can you talk a little bit about how you and Mickey put this lineup together?

BK: Well, it’s true, when playing with different musicians, the more people you play with it, the fresher it makes it. The driving force in the Rhythm Devils — from the Devils, meaning me and Mickey, — is to have new players. The one we work with all the time is Sikiru, he’s a master drummer from Nigeria, but the new energy with different people is exciting. I’m looking forward to rehearsal.

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Neil Young To Rock Gulf Coast

Neil Young has announced that the third U.S. leg of his Twisted Road solo tour will concentrate on areas of the country affected by the BP oil spill. The only

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Hot Hot Heat Return

Fresh off the release of their bold and exhilarating new album, Future Breeds (Dangerbird), and month-long residencies in New York and Los Angeles, Hot Hot Heat are getting ready to

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Sunshine Collective: Wanna Play?

It’s summer, so you might guess that Sunshine Collective should have something good for your ears. And yeah, it’s true, their first album, Wanna Play?, is all you need for a sunny day.

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Grace Potter & The Nocturnals: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

You’ve got me down on the floor,” coos Grace Potter on  “Paris (Ooh La La),” the sultry opening track on her self-titled third album with the Nocturnals.  And just as she’s revealed more leg and less Hammond B-3 with each album, Potter has also courageously taken those bold steps to mingle her sexuality with her soulful pipes.

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