Cover Wars: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Additional video form Fanfarlo performing it live in front of an actual audience:

Jason Webley: Webley performs this quiet and unique version with a little help form the audience. Webley is currently touring with Evelyn Evelyn, a duo with Amanda Palmer. Hidden Track readers may remember a review of The Needle That Sings In Her Heart, a Palmer directed stage adaptation of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. Source: 1-11-2009


Webley thinks covering songs is kind of lame, but his NYE resolution was to do more things that are lame!

matt pond PA: Fellow indie Rockers matt pond PA (named after yes: the lead singer and the state they are from) released this cover on an EP titled Winter Songs in 2005. The disc was a combination of originals and covers said to remind the band of winter.


nataliewheeleryo: There are a lot of YouTube covers of this song. I mean, a lot. Obviously, some are better than others. I’ve always dug this one.

Phish: Alright. As has been well documented, Phish is on a bit of a new covers kick and as we’ve said multiple times, it’s great to see the mixing things up. I however am of the opinion that the days of Phish learning covers 45 minutes before they take the stage should be well behind them. Is it horrible? No. Does Trey sound like he knows the song all that well? No, the vocal delivery is timid and he fucks up the bridge. Though the song only has four chords, it’s a classic and deserved better than the lead singer having his eyes glued to his newly acquired teleprompter the entire time.
Source: 6-26-2010


Tom Hamilton, of Brothers Past and American Babies, gets a little help from Krista Nielsen (Cello), Jim Hamilton (Guitar), and Mike Greenfield (Drums). Source: 5-7-2005


87Hizzetfield: I remember the day I was pointed in the direction of this amazing cover. Sing it with me now, “Let Me Licorice.” Seriously though, the craziest part of this YouTube classic is that I swear 87Hizzetfield has listened to the whole album because part of his vocal delivery reminds me of the way Jeff Mangum sings Oh Comlely.

Checking in on last week’s Cold Water Cover Wars, Railroad Earth has emerged victorious.

We’ll leave you with this video of a solo Mangum performance:

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  1. I keep listening to the phish version and still think it is pretty good? I am not an expert on the tune…but I think they did a decent job. I enjoyed it. Glad they brought it to the stage b/c its a great tune which I had never heard. I agree though…I am not sure how much they practiced it…but lyrics should absolutely be memorized when you are also concerned about getting the notes right.

  2. naive melody is an obvious choice for phish to learn and play mainly because i would ejaculate a rainbow.

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