April 28, 2011

HT Interview: Licorice Returns For One-Off Performance @ the Blue Note

Last we heard from the NYC jam trio Licorice, it was to shed light on the band’s decision to shift directions and focus on a more straightforward rock band called The Whitewalls. This time around, it’s a reversal of fortune of sorts as guitarist and lead vocalist Dave Lott dropped by HT to chat about the band’s one-off reunion at the Blue Note in New York City on Saturday, May 7th. The band plans to dive deep into the old catalog, stretch out the improvisation, and play into the wee hours of the night.

Hidden Track: So, it’s great to see that you guys decided to reunite Licorice for a special one-off performance. Be honest, you missed the jams, right?

Dave Lott: Ok, busted. But to reveal even more, sometimes, we do still jam together (shhh!). But we have been working on other projects with diverse musical directions, and so yes, we did miss “the jam,” and the live platform, with interaction and excited purpose. We also missed the vehicles/music that once inspired what we were doing – whether it’s a Chick Corea tune or an original instrumental piece. We are having so much fun exploring again as a group, and from what is definitely a more mature vantage point.

HT: You guys have some history at the Blue Note. What made you choose a more traditional Jazzbo club for your reunion show?

DL: This is our 11th Blue Note show actually, which is pretty wild in 2011. We never take that opportunity lightly. So much of our inspiration, so many of our heroes, and so much history have been laid there before us. For this show, we wanted to get back to the “jazzier” side of Licorice; the band that had once in a lifetime experiences at jazz events/festivals and rooms like the Blue Note. We didn’t want to concentrate on any lyrical or vocal material either – so, the room is really the best fit.

READ ON for more on the Licorice reunion with David Lott…

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