June 17, 2011

Phish Charlotte: Setlist and The Skinny

Phish @ Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Charlotte

We’ve reached the final weekend of the first leg of Phish Summer Tour 2011 as the band moved from one Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Alpharetta) to another (Charlotte) for their fourth-ever show at the venue. Phish has previously played the North Carolina shed on July 7, 1999; July 25, 2003 and July 2, 2010.

[via @Mike_Gordon]

For the previous two shows in Alpharetta, Phish tended to play it safe and offered fans high-energy versions of some of their most popular and most played songs. This evening’s performance went a different route as the band reached into their “bag of tricks” and came out with the first exploratory jams in quite a few shows, some bust outs and even our first Henrietta song of the nearly-completed tour.

Tonight Mike’s Groove kicked off a show for the first time since Phish’s “final show” at Coventry in 2004. Mike’s was played in response to a fan who brought a “Mike’s House” sign to the show. How about we stick to signs for songs that haven’t been played in a while folks? Later in the set, NICU gave fans a chance to visit “Leo’s House” while Colonel’s Forbin’s Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird reared its head for only the third time since the quartet went on hiatus in October of 2000. Just like each of the other post-hiatus versions, there was not much of a narration with tonight’s YEMblog guest tweeter Scott Marks telling us that guitarist Trey Anastasio referenced the t-shirt he and bassist Mike Gordon were wearing thusly – “look, I’m not going to give this away (points at his short-sleeve t-shirt) but you all know who this is…it’s the Famous Mockingbird!”

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Review: Cake @ Ogden Theater

Cake @ The Ogden Theater, June 14

Words: Jonathan Kosakow
Photos: Matthew Speck

A backyard smoke machine clouded the stage for Cake, who entered the room at The Ogden Theater Tuesday night following a stern pre-recorded warning against photography, and a comically long musical intro that may or may not have been borrowed from a mid-90s Saturday morning cartoon. They wasted no time before launching into the instrumental Arco Arena and the crowd pleasing Frank Sinatra, but even so early in the show it seemed that John McCrea and company were a little overtired.

[All photos by Matthew Speck]

The audience, though, didn’t really seem to notice. Since their first album way back in 1994, Cake has played the hidden hero to so many. In those years, they have put out only six studio albums – before this year’s Showroom of Compassion, the most recent was seven years ago and is easily their least popular. But the music never disappeared from the memories and cassette players of our generation. When it was announced that Cake would be playing two nights in Denver, a shout of excitement rang out so loud you may as well have thought they were putting Fraggle Rock back on the air, and the tickets for both shows sold out well in advance.

The spacious yet intimate, grungy Ogden Theater filled up quickly with a crowd heavily made up of the under-30 generation. It seems almost every Cake fan is similar in certain respects – quiet and sensible, but with a bit of a dark side. And this was proven as most fans quietly sang along to their old favorites of sex and pent-up anger, Italian Leather Sofa and How Do You Afford Your Rock ‘N’ Roll Lifestyle.

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Now listen here: You see that little man down there? The one with the adjustable wife-beater and pleated parachute pants…do you see what he is doing? He’s absolutely murdering that bamboo

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Tonight: My Morning Jacket Webcast

My Morning Jacket’s tour in support of Circuital hits Chicago tonight and those unable to attend can still listen in on the action thanks to a live simulcast from WXRT.

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Vote For The Best Couch Tour Setup

The past two Phish shows were webcast live straight from the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, GA through LivePhish.com. We asked our followers to tweet photos of their #couchtour setups at us

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Televised Tune: On The Tube This Weekend

Now that basketball and hockey season have wrapped up, the MSG Network turns over its Friday night programming to the music world. Tonight, the cable network airs a documentary about

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Dum Dum Girls: He Gets Me High EP

Dum Dum Girls’ leader Kristin “Dee Dee” Gundred is a rock star.  One glance at the cover of her band’s new release, He Gets Me High, makes this clearly evident. However, don’t mistake the look for nonchalance.  If other musicians put as much effort into their full-length releases as she has for an EP, then the music scene would be an even more interesting place. 

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The Belle Brigade: The Satellite, Los Angeles, CA 6/10/11

It has been an awesome ride since The Belle Brigade's Monday night residencies at the venue formally known as Spaceland.  Regardless of venue name change, the folks in the hipster neighborhood of Silverlake and the greater Los Angeles area filled the room with an appreciation that was twofold.  Surrounded by old friends and new fans, being at this Belle Brigade show was like being part of a very large and delightful family.

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Buffalo Tom: Skins

Buffalo Tom, one of the forerunners of 90’s “college rock” is back on the street with their new album Skins. While the band’s music, especially 1994’s “hit single” “Sodajerk”, may stir some achingly awkward memories of Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano making out in the boiler room, these Boston boys have maintained a steady sound over the years that will bring you right back to the days of “alternative” music.

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