April 17, 2012

Galactic: Carnivale Electricos

Carnivale Electricos straight through represents one of the group’s famous Lundi Day concerts, playing the jambalaya funk til sun up.  Galactic are already ambassadors to the town, but now they add one more staple to their collection and in doing so show the rest of the world just how vital New Orleans is to the sound of life. 

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Ane Brun: It All Starts With One

It’s not often one hears a new recording that immediately grabs the listener as something to which you’ll need to listen over and over. However, Norwegian Ane Brun’s new (and eighth) album, It All Starts With One, does exactly that.

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Diamond Rugs: Diamond Rugs

Diamond Rugs' self-titled debut, out on Partisan Records, is a 14-song gem lined with country-rock wailing, Replacements’ punk stomping, and bluesy jazz riffs reminiscent of Exile-era Stones.  The sum of its’ parts, Diamond Rugs’ song-craft will also remind listeners of the various members’ main projects. 

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