New Phish Archival Release For Japan

Phish’s first-ever shows in Japan took place during the Summer of 1999, when the band traveled across the Pacific to perform at the Fuji Rock Festival. A new Live Phish release titled Japan Relief looks at the July 31, 1999 show from Fuji Rock to benefit Peace Winds America with proceeds going to help the disaster relief efforts following the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that wreaked havoc on Japan.

Not only is all of the July 31, 1999 show included in the release, but the What’s The Use? soundcheck from July 29 is also included. Due out on April 15, this new download/CD features the potent Also Sprach Zarathrustra > David Bowie that kicked off the second set, a human rights speech by the band’s friend, Nawang Khechog, who also sat in a unique Brian and Robert. Yet my favorite moment is the Prince Caspian. Yes, I’m not shitting you – this version of Caspian finds guitarist Trey Anastasio demolishing the solo with speed, passion and precision using a delay-heavy tone.  You can purchase the MP3s now for $9.99 with FLACs and ALACs going for $12.95.

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Video: Phish – 1999 (Prince Cover)

It’s not often that I get shocked by a Phish video surfacing on YouTube, but I experienced that emotion yesterday when I saw that Phish video guru tdunski had uploaded

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B List: 10 Things You Might Not Remember About Trey Anastasio’s First Solo Tour

In May of 1999, Trey Anastasio hit the road for his first solo tour. For this 12-show tour, Trey kicked things off with an acoustic set before welcoming drummer Russ Lawton and bassist Tony Markellis for an electric second set. The debut TAB tour contained plenty of standout moments, but there are a few highlights that generally get forgotten about in Trio Tour discussions.

This week’s B List continues “Trey Week” by detailing 10 Things You Might Not Remember About Anastasio’s First Solo Tour. As the Phish front man sets off to embark on a tour tomorrow with the same number of shows and same format as the 1999 TAB tour, let’s take a look back at that initial run…

10) Type THAT into The Internet

“Golden Banter” as they say. It was 1999 and none of us were nearly as familiar with The Internet as we are now. After reading that his band had covered Voodoo Child when they had not Trey accurately pointed out, “There’s all this information but half of it is wrong!”. Then, there was also Trey’s reneged promise that the first person to type a song title into The Internet for his new acoustic ditty would have naming rights. Turns out that both the Internet’s pick of Minestrone and Trey’s pick of Purple Hugh didn’t stick and Page ultimately named the song The Inlaw Josie Wales. In this audio montage we hear all of this banter plus Trey’s hilarious take on his song’s “duologies.”


UPDATE: The nice thing about online publishing is that we can do things like this. So after being reminded by my good friend Brett aka “This guy here in the front row is yelling” reminds me of another chapter in Instrumental Internet Namegate. So here is the audio from Asheville that didn’t make it into the above montage.


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