Foreign Born: On the Wing Now

A lot of bands these days have been rehashing the 80s, but very few of them bring anything particularly new to the table. For me, it's really dull to have your own teenage years spit back to you as if it's new, so it's refreshing to hear a band do something interesting with it. Foreign Born are pretty steeped in the 80s, but they are most definitely not regurgitating it back. Instead, they take that era of post-punk, new-wave and pop, dig back to its influences and come up with their own sound.

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Love Arcade: Love Arcade

Love Arcade’s self-titled release puts a new face on power pop fun. Incorporating the tenets of ‘80s pop icons like Kajagoogoo, Dead Or Alive, and Animotion, the outfit's music is light-hearted fun with an infectious party bounce reflective of Kill Hannah, Valencia, and The Flaming Lips.

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Everybody Stares: The Police Inside Out: Directed by Stewart Copeland

As the drummer of The Police, Stewart Copeland was an integral part of their success. And fortunately he was able to cash in on that success at the time by purchasing a Super 8 video camera. The result is Everybody Stares: The Police Inside Out, an impressive, insightful and antic-tinged look at how a band goes from nowhere to somewhere big, while getting lost in the journey.

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Lolita Bras : Piano’s, New York City, NY 1/26/2006

The 80’s. It’s a state of mind, from big hair and leg warmers to Atari football. You know the one where you could run through the screen and come out the other side, thus running around the entire world to sack the quarterback, good times. With the retro flair of John Hughes films and Lacoste polo's, the rock and roll was sure to follow and it has in a big way. From the Bravery to Bloc Party to the Killers the “Me” decade is alive and selling in the music world. Enter a new contender for the retro title, the Lolita Bras.

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