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Stormy Monday: Trey Acoustic Mix

While Trey Anastasio still has five dates to go on this winter tour, it’s fair to say that this run of shows will remain memorable for years and years to come for its acoustic sets. I’ve never considered Trey a particularly good acoustic guitar player – certainly not compared to his contemporaries who regularly strap on a wooden ax: Warren, Bobby, Jake, Chuck, Al and the like. He mostly just strums a bit and plays mellow tunes – remember his sit-down request at Phish’s Festival 8?

[Photo by Andy Hill]

Seeing him play acoustic has always been fun, but nothing too special, but this tour changed all that. He’s been out there every night playing a killer selection of songs – many of which have slight to bold changes in arrangement – singing his heart out, having the crowd sing its heart out too, and playing his guitar beautifully. It’s been magic.

With that in mind, here’s a mix of some highlights so far, a little something from every night. Especially noteworthy is the B-side here, the three-song run from early in the show at Albany. No audience has been so entirely right there with Trey and he responded in kind, just slaying the room with a glowing Number Line and the truly amazing risk of Limb By Limb on the fly – that was trust. And following that is the slick, nasty, reworked Cavern and stunning Harry Hood from Columbus. It’s a long one this week, so settle in and as always, enjoy!

READ ON for a look at this weekend’s TAB setlists…

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