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Aimee Mann: Charmer

Charmer doesn’t grab you by the throat and drill its message into your head; rather, Aimee Mann asks you to have a seat in her office, while you witness her playing psychiatrist to individuals (people she knows? herself?) who need an objective opinion with a healthy dose of reality. Listen closely, and you might even hear Aimee Mann diagnosing you.

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Tour Dates: Bowlive Returns Tonight

Last year, Soulive helped to celebrate the month of March with a ten-show, guest-laden residency at Brooklyn Bowl that was cleverly dubbed Bowlive. For the second year in a row,

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Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm

This time around, she may offer a few more casual, 70s radio rockers than normal, but there is still enough of her signature, heroin drone ballads meandering along to give it that eerie comfort she effortlessly creates.

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