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Alejandro Escovedo and The Sensitive Boys: Maxwells, Hoboken, New Jersey, 6/11/12

Alejandro Escovedo has always been one of the hardest working men in the business, but lately he’s set the bar high even for his own lofty standards. About midway through Monday night’s set at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, Escovedo sheepishly admitted that the band was still going strong at this late weeknight hour, despite the fact that they had been up and at it for nearly 24 hours.

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Alejandro Escovedo: Cat

As long-time fans know, Escovedo, however, is not a one-trick pony.  Like kindred spirit, Neil Young, he can tone down the bombastic tempest and enrapture the audience with his brilliant songwriting and storytelling.  Back catalog classics like “Five Hearts Breaking” and “Rosalie” slowed the pace and brought a reverent hush over the crowd.  And as the name would suggest, “The Sensitive Boys” can follow suit, adding subtle accompaniment and elegant grace that match the introspection of Escovedo’s words and images.  The arrangements at this show stood on their own and came to life just as they do when Escovedo tours with his “Orchestra” and plays a more intimate setlist.

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Dropping Anchor

It’s not too often that a musician gets a chance to have three distinct and unique chapters in their career, but that’s just what Alejandro Escovedo has been able to

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Bloggy Goodness: The Cars To Reunite?

Call it a sign of the times, but rumors that The Cars will reunite began to surface earlier this week after the seminal pop-rock band posted this picture to their

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Tour Dates: Primus Returns

Earlier this spring, we reported that Jay Lane was leaving his gig as part of the two-headed drum attack in Furthur to rejoin Primus to reform the band’s original lineup

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