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Rachael Sage Continues To Be Haunted By You

Glide Magazine had a chance to catch up with Rachael, where she discusses her history in the business, coming out of ballet and drama studies and into music and why she doesn’t like to use setlists (that often).

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Dar Williams And Her Time With Gods

Dar Williams is set to release her ninth studio album In The Time of Gods later this month via Razor & Tie, but Glide Magazine recently had the pleasure of talking with Dar about everything from recording the album to her time touring with Joan Osborne, her passion for environmental awareness, the resurgence of vinyl and why Cry Cry Cry is pretty much done forever.

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Anais Mitchell: Young Man In America

Mitchell brings an attentive and critical focus, measured with a slight whimsy and caprice that rounds the oftentimes harsh edge of folk music, and delivers a brilliant, entirely cohesive and utterly striking work of art in Young Man In America.

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Ani DiFranco: Which Side Are You On?

DiFranco's made a record that, while at times inconsistent and frustrating, continues to affirm her impressive songwriting hand and relevance as America’s leading folk singer.

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Melissa Ferrick: Still Right Here

Still Right Here fits nicely into her catalogue and reminds listeners why Melissa Ferrick is such a venerable force in the music industry, and, despite some missteps, it’s a fine work from a wickedly gifted artist.

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BG: AC’s Psychedelic Playground

As part of the Guggenheim Museum’s 50th anniversary, Animal Collective have collaborated with artist Danny Perez on a site-specific performance piece that will transform the museum’s rotunda into a “kinetic, psychedelic

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