The B List: 20 Twitter Feeds to Follow

Last Friday we announced the start of @Hidden_Track and to finish our Launch Week right we’re devoting this week’s B List to the medium. At this point many bands and critics have feeds but often they lack a human feel or simply are outlets for regurgitating self promotion. In our continuing effort to hip you towards the best content on the web, we put together a list of 10 bands and 10 critics with what we consider must-follow Twitter feeds.

We’ll start with the bands and then move on to the scribes. Let us know about your favorite feeds in the comments section, or holler at @Hidden_Track with who you simply have to follow.

10 Bands to Follow on Twitter…

1. Grace Potter (@gracepotter)

This HT fave gives a behind the scenes look at her life along with links to coverage of her band and even some music trivia. How else can you find out what dress Grace plans to wear each night?

2. Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne)

The fearless leader of the fearless freaks, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is a prolific tweeter, twitpic-er and video sender. He keeps it weird, insightful and sexy with never a dull a tweet.

3. Fleet Foxes (@fleetfoxes)

Robin Pecknold, leader of the Seattle-based Fleet Foxes, keeps fans in the know with his feed. Often seeking follower input and interacting with other musicians, Pecknold offers a glimpse into the life of an independent folkie rocker.

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B List: 11 Bands w/ Only One Original Member

The ownership of band names is a tricky subject, which has filled the wallets of many lawyers thanks to the dozens of lawsuits filed over the years. As the groups of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s start to age, many acts have had to figure out who has the right to tour under the original name. This week’s B List looks at 11 groups with only one original member left in the band as of 2011.

There’s a variety of reasons why there’s only one member left in these bands. Some of the groups are a band in name only and are really a solo vehicle, some have lost members due to death and illness, while others splintered due to lawsuits and bad business decisions. Here’s our list…

11. Iron Maiden

Steve Harris – Bass

The leader of Iron Maiden started the band in 1975 as a 19-year-old in London. Over the past 35+ years, Maiden has gone through a number of lineup changes with Harris left as the only person who has been a member of Iron Maiden since the group’s inception. Guitarist Dave Murray, who remains with the band, joined Maiden just just two months after they formed.

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Ten To Watch In 2006

The beginning of the year can be a sluggish time, so the following is a list of artists and bands to look forward to along with some long-awaited albums from a plethora of our favorite artists.

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