Bootsy Collins: Tipitina

Tonight we’re going to break all the rules”. And with that simple statement the Mothership known as Bootsy Collins & The Funk University landed in Uptown to spread the gospel according to funk on a very ready New Orleans packed-house crowd inside Tipitina’s, a legend among legendary music haunts in the Crescent City.

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Primus: Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, 11/9/06

When Primus played, they were tight, if not as powerful or spacious as in past outings, but with the ambivalence or possible anger being displayed from one of the quirkiest front men in the business, I think it is safe too say that it was an off night for the group who ironically usually just Sucks!

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Oteil and the Peacemakers: Believer

The Peacemakers have yet to gain much deserving national attention. Hopefully Believer will do the trick, as it offers something for just about everyone. Beliver

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Victor Lemonte Wooten: Innovator and Composer (INTERVIEW)

Widely touted as the best bassist currently walking this earth, Victor Wooten possesses the flexibility and eccentricities of a chameleon and the precision of a laser-guided bomb. Together, Wooten consistently amazes audiences with his virtuosity and vision.

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Tommy Stinson: Rebelliously Creative (INTERVIEW)

As bassist for 80s garage post punkers, The Replacements, Tommy Stinson helped forge the path for everyone from Wilco to Nirvana. Now he’s busy once again, this time with Guns ‘N Roses and another solo album – Village Gorilla Head

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