The New Deal: A New Frontier

The New Deal remains the sophisticate's choice in livetronica almost in spite of the genre's popularity spike. As much as some newer, greener crews oversaturate the markets in hopes of rising above the pack, the Canadian trio has scaled back its operation since returning from a touring hiatus in 2004.

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John Ginty Band: Fireside Live

Fireside Live is loads of fun, as if Joey DeFrancesco or Jimmy Scott traded in the more academic jazz aesthetic (but retained same chops and improvisational proclivities) to front a boozy gospel-rock outfit Ginty’s taken to calling “outlaw gospel.”

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John Vanderslice: Plugged In (INTERVIEW)

John Vanderslice has notched a hot streak of gems, including 2005’s Pixel Revolt. And then there is his techie jones: a tireless and self-professed production geek, as much enamored of a well-kept studio as he is of guitar strums and performance.

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David Dodd: If My Words Did Glow

David Dodd’s initial work with the annotation of Grateful Dead lyrics first involved name checking certain references in “Ramble On Rose” and posting his findings on the Web. Ten years later, his remarkable scholarship has led to an absolutely essential book of the same name, “The Complete Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics.”

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Jerry Garcia: Garcia Plays Dylan

Garcia Plays Dylan doesn’t have the completeness factor of this year’s other marvelous Jerry Garcia estate releases–but it adds another dimension and a different sort of thoroughness those releases can’t, by nature, explore: the connection between two storied musicians as exemplified by one’s tackling of the other’s material in a variety of contexts.

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