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B List: Five Great Tidbits From Trey Anastasio / Lars Fisk Interview on

You had to figure Phish would start pushing tickets for their upcoming Super Ball IX festival at Watkins Glen International race track over The Fourth of July Weekend and that push has started today with the publication of an interview between guitarist Trey Anastasio and artist Lars Fisk.

Fisk started working with the group way back in 1996 for the first-ever Phish festival, the Clifford Ball, and has been in charge of visual design for each of the quartet’s festivals including Super Ball IX. Trey and Lars go way back; you can feel the comfort of each during their long conversation. We clued in on five great tidbits that came out of the article, which you can read in its entirety at

1. Anastasio Was Home Three Hours After Leaving The Stage at Big Cypress

Trey: So, Big Cypress was great. Nothing is ever going to match it, I mean, until the next amazing thing happens, I could describe looking out at these people, this audience that I’ve been staring at for 26 years or something in darkness, right, every night. And people are dancing and they’re delirious and they’ve been up all night. And the sun is starting to come up, oh my god – that was just the most bizarre thing because the sky was all pink.. But it was really just the looks on people’s faces, like when suddenly God started to turn on the lights at the end of the party. Oh man.

Lars: Wow, that’s a bittersweet thing.

Trey: It was moving to say the least. And then what was really bizarre about it was that we flew home right after the concert and I was standing in my house about three hours after we got off stage. It felt really funny. So more about this year. My understanding is that the site is especially unique.

While Anastasio has mentioned the band flew home immediately after Big Cypress, we never fail to be blown away by thinking of the contrast between performing for 80,000 fans and returning to the solitude of family life in the course of three hours.

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YEMblog Unveils Pre-Tour Goodies

As if we weren’t already pumped for Phish to hit the stage at Chicago’s Toyota Park on Friday for the Summer Tour opener, our friends at YEMblog have put the best recordings your ears have heard of some legendary moments in the band’s history into public circulation. Last June, Phish archivist Kevin Shapiro hosted two From The Archives broadcasts for Radio Bonnaroo. While a few intrepid fans recorded the stream, the Pre-FM source files have yet to make its way into mass circulation…until today.

This afternoon you’ll finally get to hear gems such as the famed Radio City Ghost, After Midnight from Big Cypress and the St. Louis ’94 Tweezer the way they were meant to be heard. These files are the real deal and while info on source is limited to “Pre-FM”, rest assured this is the definitive recording of the Bonnaroo FTA shows. Today, YEMblog has posted links to file sets featuring the V0 MP3s, AACs and FLACs of the June 12, 2009 From The Archives broadcast for your listening pleasure with a promise of the second broadcast to come later this week.

After listening to the Radio City Ghost six times we’re blown away by all the little details you pick up from this crisp recording as opposed to the other sources that have circulated in the past. The same can be said for the scorching After Midnight segment. It’s been quite some time since a recording of this nature has come down the pike, so be sure to download the files in your favorite format and clear your schedule for a bit because this is some “must-hear” goodness.


Radio City Ghost – Bonnaroo From The Archives (Pre-FM Source)

READ ON for more information on this recording, including the track listing…

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