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Shawn Colvin Remains Steady On With New Album All Fall Down

We sat down and discussed a lot about the new album, what it’s been like working with Buddy Miller, the process of writing her new memoir Diamond In The Rough, the future of Three Girls and Their Buddy and why she still loves Whole New You, among other things.

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Bill Frisell: All We Are Saying…..

Beatles and or John Lennon covers can be horrifying to behold. From the band who plays a song note for note with all the imagination of an accountant, to the performer who absolutely wrecks a classic by making it sound kitschy, the world is littered with songs that have been given something less than the royal treatment. But when placed in the hands of legendary maverick guitarist Bill Frisell, an album full of such John Lennon songs is engaging because the tracks become lyric-less re-imaginings rather than bland retreads or ridiculous send-ups.

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Stormy Mondays: Rocktober Rolls On

Continuing the Rocktober festivities, this week’s Stormy Monday mix features six classic rock covers from the best and brightest in the world of instrumental music today. Soulive kicks it off

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Cover Wars: A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall Edition

Navigating traffic on the way to Phish at Jones Beach last Friday, myself and four friends in the car started naming a bunch of great “rain” related Phish songs that could be played in honor of the impending weather. They didn’t play any of our ideas. Though I did take away my next selection for CW and that is this song off of the 1963 album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.

Cover Wars

Every webpage out there supplying information on this song is quick to point out that the structure of the lyrics is based upon an old Scottish ballad titled Lord Randall. Have a look at the first verse…

O where hae you been, Lord Randall, my son?
O where hae you been, my handsome young man?
I hae been at the greenwoods, mother, make my bed soon.
For I’m wearied wi’ hunting, and fain would lie down.

The Contestants:

Bill Frisell: Leading off this week we’ve got our only instrumental rendition and it’s from one of the greatest living guitarists, Bill Frisell. Bill has got a lot of great folk/rock instrumental covers out there, I am particularly fond of his performances of I Heard It Through The Grapevine and Have A Little Faith. Source: East/West


READ ON for the rest of this week’s Cover Wars contestants…

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