Blur: Blur 21 Box Set

When you look at the entirety of the Blur catalog, however, as you can upon the release of this exhaustive reissue celebrating the group's 21st year, you will rediscover why Blur should always be considered–pound for pound–the best London rock band of the last two decades. And for those who cannot afford the $150 for the 18-CD, 3-DVD super deluxe shebang online or at your finer local record shop, obtaining it piecemeal is just as noble, if not more so in the fortunate event you have enough spare cash to invest in new music altogether let alone upgrades of your favorite records growing up.

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Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

Like a long plane ride calmly careening through the air at 600 mph, the beautiful building classical piece from England’s orchestral "sinfonia ViVA," begins Gorillaz latest endeavor Plastic Beach. Signaling there is always more than first glance, the album mixes classical and hip hop and nearly every genre in between for easily one of the best recordings from any virtual band. Zing. 

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Gorillaz Got Stylo

While 2D, Noodles, Murdoc Niccals and Russel Hobbs may not be household names, we bet you probably know them better as the “fictional,” virtual band Gorillaz. The brainchild of Blur’s

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Gorillaz – Fictional Fury

Sure there are concept albums that have cemented themselves amongst rock and roll lore. Tommy, Quadrophenia and The Wall are a few of those recordings that immediately springs to mind. But what about concept bands? Gorillaz, the creation of Blur frontman Damon Albarn and cult illustrator Jamie Hewlet, is a cartoon four piece of brash musicians that despite their fictional front, possess unyielding powers that generates fresh cuts of hip-hop, dub, reggae and punk.

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blur: starshaped

Thanks to the camcorder, blur has released starshaped, a video retrospective of their carefree glory days from 1991-1994. These are moments when cases of Newcastle were flowing freely, backstage buffoonery was welcomed, and overall drunkenness and reckless travel dominated the landscape of a band that had only the pressure of finding their sound.

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