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Photos: Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Box Set

Back on January 19, Rolling Stone broke the news that Rhino Records would be putting out every note the Grateful Dead played on their landmark tour of Europe in 1972 as part of a limited-edition box set. The limited-edition set sold out quicker than anyone imagine and now, a mere seven months later, these Europe ’72 box sets have started arriving.

[All photos via Sunshine Daydream FB Page]

All in all, Europe ’72 wound up as 22 digi-packs featuring three or four discs for most shows giving purchasers a grand total of 73 discs worth of music. The digi-packs and two accompanying books are all included in a replica steamer trunk with a latch and a handle. Early reviews of the remastered music are glowing with most complaints focusing on the flimsy cardboard sleeves that protect the discs themselves.

Chicago’s Sunshine Daydream Hippie Shop has shared some photos of the Europe ’72 box, so READ ON to view ’em all…

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Announcing: Phish – Live in Utica

As we mentioned weeks ago, Phish has decided to put one of the group’s best shows of 2010 as a DVD/CD release called Phish – Live in Utica. Today, the band has officially announced the set and has put together a few pre-order packages for Dry Goods.

The DVDs feature every note Phish played on October 20, 2010 at the intimate Utica Memorial Auditorium including a section of pure “hose” that develops out of Have Mercy and numerous teases of Guyute that led fans to label the show “Guyutica.” Those fans who pre-order the set through Dry Goods will receive a bonus disc called Phish: I-90’s that, “follows the band along the I-90 New York Thruway as they honed their skills in drummer Jon Fishman’s home state, recalling highlights from some of the region’s many great Phish shows in the 90s.” A landmark version of Slave to the Traffic Light that contains Ramble On teases from August 12, 1998 and a high-energy romp through David Bowie from November 4, 1994 are just two of the tracks featured on the Phish: I-90’s compilation.

The following line from the band’s press release has us particularly intrigued, “A new camera mounted at the front-of-house position accentuated the light show in a way never before featured on a live, indoor Phish DVD.” You can order the Phish: Live in Utica box set through Dry Goods now and it will ship on or around May 13, just before the official May 17 release date.

READ ON for the full announcement from Phish…

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Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 Box Set Now 72 Discs – April 14, 1972 Playing Download

The most ambitious archival release of all-time just got a bit more ambitious as the previously announced 60-disc Europe ’72 box set from the Grateful Dead will now contain a fitting 72 discs. Here’s the story…

While we try our hardest for accuracy, we were a bit off in our original count of the CDs included in the Europe ’72 boxed set. Now that we’re rolling full-steam ahead on the mixing and mastering of the boxed set, we’ve decided to not break up any segued jam sequences that took place on the tour to squeeze the longer shows onto 3 CDs per show, nor will we be re-sequencing any shows to make them fit onto 3 CDs. What this means is that several shows will need to be bumped up to 4 CDs per show, resulting in the boxed set now containing 72 CDs, an increase from the 60+ discs we originally told you. No, that number is not a gimmick, it just happened that 72 is where the final tally landed, much to our surprise. Sure hope you don’t mind…

[via e-mail]

Europe ’72 running 72 discs thanks to sequencing will go down as one of the crazier coincidences of all-time. Want to hear a sample of a remastered track from the upcoming release? Simply click-through to sign up for a free download of a previously unreleased 11-minute version of Playing In The Band from an April 14, 1972 show in Copenhagen, Denmark…

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Phish Alpine Valley 2010: DVD Box Set

Back in August, Phish put together two fabulous shows on August 14th and 15th at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI. According to Direct Current, the band will release a box set featuring audio and video from the pair of landmark performances on December 14th called Alpine Valley 2010.

While Alpine Valley 2010 will feature all of the first show (8/14), it will only include select tracks from the second show (8/15). All tracks were recorded using seven cameras and 57 channels of digital multitrack audio. No official word from the band yet, but an pre-order page is already live with a price of $34.99. [via @PhishTwit]

READ ON for the full track listing for this release…

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