Kate Boy – Glasslands, Brooklyn NY 09/10/2013

From the band’s established singles to their fresh debuts, Kate Boy’s energetic and hip brand of electro-pop delighted and showed-off their ability to write and perform evocative and quality music distinctive from that of other Swedish electronic groups.

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F4tF: Nona Brooklyn and More…

I recently stumbled upon a cool website that showcases Brooklyn food called Nona Brooklyn. It is very similar to how FoodCandy is setup but with a focus on restaurants, bars and food stores only located in Brooklyn. You can select which places you want to follow and get updates from (like Twitter). It is a relatively new site but boasts an impressive roster of places on board so far. I already have a list of places I haven’t been to but want to check out after reading about them on the site.

It was through Nona that I found out about Southpaw Presents: 5th Ave Festival this Sunday. Loved this line in the description of the event:

Though billed as a music festival rather than a local-food affair, as with any Brooklyn shindig the Southpaw 5th Ave street fair in Park Slope this Sunday will feature many local food spots like Sixpoint, Bierkraft, and Red Hook Lobster Pound, among others.

Here is the posting they put up on their site on May 10th describing what Nona is and how it is best used..

Use Nona to get food and drink updates from your favorite Brooklyn bakers, butchers, brewers, restaurants, shops, bars and farmers at local farmers markets. NonaBrooklyn is like the sidewalk chalkboards that restaurants, shops and bars use to promote daily specials, but better! Nona pulls all those Brooklyn chalkboards together in one convenient spot that you can check from the office, home, or anywhere to find out ‘What’s Good Today?’ in Brooklyn. Nona is growing – stay tuned as we add lots more favorite local food and drink spots in the coming weeks. Let us know if there’s anyone you’d like to see listed here – just email us at [email protected]

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SummerStage and Celebrate Brooklyn! 2010

The summer concert season is quickly approaching and there’s no clearer sign of its pending arrival than the lineup announcements for NYC’s Central Park SummerStage and Celebrate Brooklyn! at the

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TV on the Radio: Staring at the Sun (Tunde Adebimpe Interview)

Having gone from being an unknown Brooklyn band playing in bowling alleys, to selling out major clubs in every corner of the country, the group has recently emerged with a new album that’s been listed in Rolling Stone as the number one college album in the country.

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