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Last Week’s Sauce: September 20th – 26th

It’s a mostly Rock and Roll edition of Last Week’s Sauce today. Luckily we have the funky Stanton Moore Trio to break things up for us and we lead off with an absolutely amazing cover recently added to Built To Spill’s repertoire. Umphrey’s McGee and Wilco both do what they do best to round us out and that is what you get for your hour’s worth of music.

Of course, you can download all of this week’s audio in one easy to listen to MP3 that we call the Last Week’s Sauce Podcast, click here to download.

[Thanks to Kush for this week’s photo]

Built To Spill – The Plan, Ripple
Date & Venue: 2010-09-19 The Beaumont – Kansas City, MO
Taper & Show Download: TEAM KANSASOURI

“The New Grateful Dead” has been tossed about in the past describing Built To Spill, it’s a comparison that a lot of Deadheads completely don’t understand – but I think it has some merit once you get past the obvious differences in overall sound. Well this tour, which is massive by the way with very few days off, they have been playing Ripple. The cover starts off slow and somewhat true to the original, but by the end it is a full-on rocker. I hope you don’t mind, but since Built To Spill tends to take a lot of time between songs, I have removed a big chunk of dead space between these two tunes. BTS [tour dates] plays the first of two shows at The Paradise in Boston tonight. I’ll see ‘ya there tomorrow.


Video of Ripple from the same show as the audio embedded above:

READ ON for tracks from The Stanton Moore Trio, UM and Wilco…

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Review: moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle

moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle, September 3 – 5

While some things have changed this year at the 11th annual moe.down, some things will always remain the same. From the mayor of moe.ville to Al.nouncements, it sometimes seems like the past ten years blended together, but this year the move an hour down the road to Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY shook things up for even the most seasoned moe.ron. From amazing sound magnified by the natural amphitheater to the light show on stage enhanced by beautifully glowing lanterns and spectacular firework show, the entire weekend played off of the beautiful surroundings of the Mohawk Valley. While the castle itself was a bit smaller than expected and all but in ruins, this site surely had many things going for it.

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

Musically, the weekend followed the standard moe.down set up with the host band’s handpicked favorites. With the new site this year, one of the biggest changes was a true second stage – named the Buzz Stage – which replaced the Beer Tent. As in past years, a few up and coming bands were given the opportunity to play multiple sets on the second stage which gave fans more than just a short taste of these stellar acts.

The Macpodz started things up for fans by keeping the funky jazz flowing on Friday, while Turbine – who also played a 5am stealth set among the RVs – took over during the day Saturday. Monkey Wrench, former tour mates of moe., had fun onstage playing to covers like Yellow Submarine and Escape (the Pina Colada song). Orgone, who was still unknown to most fans, took everyone by surprise with Fanny Franklin just bursting at the seams with enough energy to keep everyone moving and staying warm as the evening winds whipped up the hill.

READ ON for more of Carla’s thoughts and Jeremy’s photos from last weekend’s moe.down 11 at Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY…

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