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Niki & The Dove: Instinct

Niki and the Dove are an electro-pop trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Their first full length, Instinct, was recently released on Seattle’s legendary Sub Pop Records. The band generated significant blog hype last year with their first single “DJ, Ease My Mind”, a piece of jack-nugget ear candy that makes a lush and ominous case for the healing power of the dance floor.

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Soul Asylum: Delayed Reaction

This is a throwback to the moment college rock wrapped earnest woe and anger into the sweetest of melodies. Delayed Reaction is an example of a band that is deeply in touch with what they do best. There are no curve balls here, just fire from the heart.

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Alberta Cross: Songs of Patience

When the band recorded and finished their third album this amorphous lack of center became self-evident and the band scrapped it, feeling as if they were on the verge of something. Founding members Stakee and Terry Wolfers hunkered down into the relationship that forms the core of Alberta Cross and edited, remixed, and wrote anew. Through the trials and tribulations comes the appropriately titled, Songs of Patience.

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Todd Boston: Touched By The Sun

Todd Boston is an acoustic guitarist, flutist and multi-instrumentalist from the San Francisco Bay Area. His new album, Touched by the Sun was recorded across the country, in the vibrant, green hills of Vermont and his virtuoso guitar work is backed on record by a wide range of world class musicians including percussionist Jeff Haynes of Pat Metheny’s band, bassist Tony Levin of Peter Gabriel/King Crimson and Snatum Kaur on vocals

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MC Yogi: Pilgrimage

In his integration, MC Yogi represents a generation with limitless influences and big dreams of changing the world. His ability to express a vividly detailed and utterly unique identity is the heartbeat of a new paradigm that calls upon the wisdom of ancient Eastern tradition but stays firmly planted in the creative language of postmodern culture. Through this dialectical pulse we remake ourselves on a Pilgrimage toward consciousness.

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Fulero//Lehe: Cocoon

Fulero//Lehe is the brainchild of keyboardist Asher Fulero and guitarist Sean Lehe. Having met on the west coast festival circuit the two road warriors found time to spend three days recording with bassist Mark Murphy and drummer Zach Bowden in Sacramento in 2011. Their self-released debut, Cocoon, is out now and is a creative amalgamation of Phish-influenced jams and Steely Dan jazz-rock. Fulero and Lehe split the writing duties on six originals and the band wisely chooses a cover of Radiohead’s “In Limbo”.

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Brian Jonestown Massacre: Aufheben

Constantly experimenting with a mélange of sounds and styles, Aufheben finds the band cooly combining an instrumental hybrid of modern garage rock, moody electronics, eastern-influenced dub-lite, and Velvet Underground cool.

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Conspirator: Unlocked – Live From The Georgia Theatre

With the Disco Biscuits existing in something of a musical purgatory these days, playing only large scale events like Camp Bisco and Mayan Holidaze, founding members Marc Brownstein (bass) and Aron Magner (keys) are focused squarely on Conspirator, the side project they developed in 2004. Enfolding guitarist Chris Michetti into a permanent guitar slot and calling on a rotating cast of talented livetronica drummers, the band just released Unlocked: Live from the Georgia Theater on SCI Fidelity.

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Scott Pemberton: Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR 3/16/12

Two years ago, Oregon native Scott Pemberton was hit by a car while riding his bike and given little chance to live.  A long standing member of the Portland music scene, Scott made a miraculous recovery and committed himself to starting a “solo” career after years of session playing and various bands. This past Friday night at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland, Scott and an expanded band celebrated the release of his debut album, Sugar Mama, with a downright raucous celebration of life, love, and guitar pyrotechnics. 

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Bruce Springsteen: Wrecking Ball

Long celebrated for his ability to capture the mood of a specific American moment (New Jersey 1975, USA 1985, New York post 9/11,) Bruce Springsteen had his work cut out for him with his new album, Wrecking Ball. For such an earnest songwriter to strike a resonant tone in perhaps the greatest social, economic, and cultural upheaval in American history is no easy task

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