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Cover Wars: Long Black Veil

[Originally Published: October 19, 2010]

Hey everybody, DaveO here – over the next few weeks I am turning Cover Wars over to some of the other Hidden Track contributors to change things up a bit. Please welcome, Andy Kahn.

Lefty Frizzell first recorded and released this haunting ballad in 1959. Written by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkin, it’s a first person, from the grave account of a man wrongly sentenced to death for a murder he didn’t commit. However, he’s unable to provide an alibi because that would reveal at the time in question he was sleeping with his best friend’s wife. The wife often goes to the narrator’s gravesite wearing the long black veil and mourning the secret that led to his execution. Since Frizzell’s original release plenty of other artists have tackled this heart-string-pulling ballad. A good lot of them are up for consideration below, but let me know in the comments if I missed your fav.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Dave Matthews: Those not steeped in the earlier folk stylings of the song might be most familiar with one of Dave Matthews’ performances. A staple of the Dave Matthews Band repertoire for years now, having first appeared on the 1999 live album Listener Supported, Matthews has also played duets with Warren Haynes, Tim Reynolds and as part of a tribute to Johnny Cash with Emmylou Harris.


READ ON for the scoop on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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Farm Aid 2011: Goin’ To Kansas City

Farm Aid board members John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Dave Matthews and Willie Nelson will bring the organization’s annual benefit concert to Kansas City’s new LIVESTRONG Sporting Park on August 13.

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Cover Wars: Heart Of Gold (Neil Young)

There have been a number of legendary singer/songwriters that have covered Neil Young’s Heart of Gold over the years such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, but it’s pretty safe to say we’ll never see Bob Dylan taking a pass at it. In a 1985 interview with Spin Magazine Dylan explained his annoyance with Heart of Gold…

The only time it bothered me that someone sounded like me was when I was living in Phoenix, Arizona, in about ’72 and the big song at the time was “Heart of Gold.” I used to hate it when it came on the radio. I always liked Neil Young, but it bothered me every time I listened to “Heart of Gold.” I think it was up at number one for a long time, and I’d say, “Shit, that’s me. If it sounds like me, it should as well be me.”

Honestly, I don’t hear it all that much. Does Bob Dylan have a trademark on acoustic guitar and harmonica or something? Anyways, we have a diverse set of covers this week, some from the world of soul music while others are more straight ahead. Have a listen and don’t forget to vote for your favorite.

The Contestants:

While not officially released on an album, The Bad Plus have a fantastic arrangement of Heart of Gold that they play live. Audio Source: 7-26-2009


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Tour Dates: Dave & Tim’s Pre-Hiatus Gigs

Earlier this year the Dave Matthews Band announced that they’d be taking all of 2011 off from recording and touring, with DMB currently scheduled to conclude their year with two

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Friday Mix Tape: Work, Work, Work

With the continuing onslaught of hot weather I’m going to keep this intro brief, cause frankly I’m just tired of sweating and I’m trying just enjoy some frigid AC before

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