Devil Went Down To Georgia

Bloggy Goodness: Bobby D-Tour

As we head into the tail end of the first leg of Phish’s summer tour, we’re sure there are plenty of people out there that are beginning to make travel

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Cover Wars: Devil Went Down To Georgia

This song comes off a 1979 album by the Charlie Daniels Band titled Million Mile Reflections. Vassar Clements also deserves some songwriting credit, as he wrote the fiddle hook (basically) in his tune Lonesome Fiddle Blues.

Cover Wars

For such a popular song, there are not a whole lot of real covers out there. Because of this, I’ve decided to include two renditions where the artist has made some slight changes to the subject matter of the song. If I had not done this – you would be looking at all jamband versions, and I try to avoid that the best I can.

The Contestants:

Blues Traveler: Leading off this week, we’ve got Blues Traveler who have had this cover as a staple in their repertoire for at least 12 years now (earliest recording on the LMA is 1997). Source: 8-22-1998


Bonus Video From Wetlands 1998:

READ ON for the scoop on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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