Falty DL: Hardcourage

FaltyDL is Drew Lustman from New York City by-way-of New Haven, CT. His pseudonym has been gaining steam in electronic music circles due in large part to his association with Thom Yorke and Radiohead. Lustman was invited to open for the iconic band at New York City’s Roseland Ballroom in 2012 but prior to this anointment he was an in-demand re-mixer for the xx, Scuba, Photek and many others. With the tastemakers listening closely, Lustman drops his first full length, Hardcourage on inimitable UK label Ninja Tune.

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Moby: Last Night

Moby is a deep artist, but Last Night is a shallow album. This is Moby's tribute to his roots as a New York DJ in the mid- to late-'80s.

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Infradig: Ecstatic Everywhere

If you enjoy live electronica, Infradig may be one of the best bands you’ve never heard of—and sadly, you may never hear from them again. The group disbanded in late 2007, leaving Ecstatic Everywhere as a sonic reminder of their frenetic power.

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Honeycut/DJ Krush: Mighty, San Franscisco, CA 10/26/07

Quannum Record's Honeycut opened for DJ Krush at Club Mighty, a San Franciscan after-hours Mecca, for a special pre-Halloween appearance. Krush has been touring the US supporting a new and highly acclaimed live DVD release, and gracing fans with rare appearances across the country.

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Lotus – Rocks Off Cruise, New York, NY 8/10/07

Lotus has enjoyed a steady upswing in their following over the past 5 years, a tribute to the band’s hard work and progressive development. Simply put, they just keep getting better. Their performance on 8/10/07 in New York City—actually, on the harbor, aboard The Temptress—was more proof of their ascendance as one of the premier live electronica acts.

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Shiny Toy Guns – Music in the Wires

Shiny Toy Guns are an L.A. quarter who have been gaining steam playing sold out crowds here and abroad as well as at some top notch exclusive get-togethers (more on that later). Their alive style of new wave/guitar/pop/electronica creates dense textures both musically and vocally. Thanks to melodious male/female leads sung by Chad Petree and Carah Faye and complex song structures, Shiny Toy Guns are able to tackle issues of gender and fear in fresh ways testing at times and reassuring at others along the journey. This is not your typical synth-pop band.

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Brothers Past: OM to BP

Back in June, Brothers Past announced that a line-up change was in the works. Long-time drummer Rick Lowenberg had decided to go back to school to study law and environmental issues and a new drummer, Ilya Stemkovsky, was announced as the replacement. Glide Magazine caught up with Stemkovsky to learn more about his new gig.

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Stereolab: Kybernetica Babicka, Plastic Mile, Interlock (CD singles)

Stereolab nearly defies criticism as their music exists in its own little dimension, waiting to be discovered and savored by sonic explorers. When you listen to any new release by Stereolab-this one included-the experience is deceptively nondescript. Their latest work is no exception; six songs on three 7-inch singles recorded in France, which are also available for download.

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Boom Bip: Blue Eyed in the Red Room

Try as it might, Blue Eyed in the Red Room ends up as a collection of near-miss electro instrumentals which could have advanced past golf-cart-cruise-music status with just a little improvement on the arrangements. It

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M83 3/17/2005: Club Metronome – Burlington, VT

You half expect M83, a French band named after a distant galaxy, to be R2D2
and C3PO dabbling in electronica. And I imagine the band felt the same way
landing in rural Burlington, Vermont. Playing on the heels of its third album, Before the Dawn Heals Us, which is making a considerable dent on the charts and having sold out two nights at New York City

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