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Eric Clapton/The Wallflowers: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA, 03/23/13

Surrounding himself by a large, absolutely fantastic, band, Clapton fell into his comfort zone, playing on tip-toes as the chords took over and settling back into a rhythm mode when Doyle Bramhall II or Paul Carrack took the reins. Clapton is a quiet leader, able to shine one moment, able to hide in the shadows, sans ego, sans flamboyance, another. In jeans and long-sleeved button-up shirt, he could very well just be heading out to the local Home Depot to pick up some gardening supplies. If you didn’t know this was Eric Clapton, he’d just be another you or me.

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Eric Clapton: Old Sock

Eric Clapton has spent the better part of his solo career populating his albums with the material written by composers he admires. It would be safe thinking Clapton would devote the debut recording on his own label with a clutch of self-penned tunes, however on Old Sock, Slowhand continues in the vein of standards he mined on its predecessor Clapton.

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