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Grateful Dead’s Europe ’72 Box Set Now 72 Discs – April 14, 1972 Playing Download

The most ambitious archival release of all-time just got a bit more ambitious as the previously announced 60-disc Europe ’72 box set from the Grateful Dead will now contain a fitting 72 discs. Here’s the story…

While we try our hardest for accuracy, we were a bit off in our original count of the CDs included in the Europe ’72 boxed set. Now that we’re rolling full-steam ahead on the mixing and mastering of the boxed set, we’ve decided to not break up any segued jam sequences that took place on the tour to squeeze the longer shows onto 3 CDs per show, nor will we be re-sequencing any shows to make them fit onto 3 CDs. What this means is that several shows will need to be bumped up to 4 CDs per show, resulting in the boxed set now containing 72 CDs, an increase from the 60+ discs we originally told you. No, that number is not a gimmick, it just happened that 72 is where the final tally landed, much to our surprise. Sure hope you don’t mind…

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Europe ’72 running 72 discs thanks to sequencing will go down as one of the crazier coincidences of all-time. Want to hear a sample of a remastered track from the upcoming release? Simply click-through to sign up for a free download of a previously unreleased 11-minute version of Playing In The Band from an April 14, 1972 show in Copenhagen, Denmark…

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