Terrapin Crossroads Update: Local Protests

In our never-ending quest to keep you updated on Grateful Dead/Furthur bassist Phil Lesh’s plans to build an intimate music venue in Marin County, we’ve got a weird and creepy addition to the story. According to Richard Halstead of the Marin Independent Journal, Phil asked that the Fairfax, California Town Council pull discussion of the proposed venue from the agenda of last night’s meeting after he was “unnerved” by local protests.

[Artist rendering of Terrapin Crossroads via MIJ]

Turns out, an anonymous protester of Lesh’s plans posted signs near the 71-year-old bassist’s house saying, “No Terrapin, Please.”

“They must have done it in the middle of the night after watching where he walks,” she [Lesh’s wife Jill] said Wednesday. “It felt a little weird and creepy.”

Officials didn’t know who had posted the signs.

Fairfax Town Manager Michael Rock said, “Nobody put their name on it. It’s a cowardly act.” [via MIJ]

Phil and his wife Jill have been looking to work with the local community since first announcing their plans and made it clear that they would move the project elsewhere if the neighbors protested too much. Besides the signs, which were posted on Phil’s normal walking route, negative flyers were put on windshields of cars parked in a church parking lot that may eventually be used for Terrapin Crossroads parking. READ ON for more…

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