Hidden Flick: Another Life, Brother Reprise

Always by your side, your hand in mine; stand up to the blow that fate has struck upon you; make the most of all you still have coming to you; the tree is full of leaves and life now and an absolutely gorgeous green. There is a spotlight on it, shining up from the ground, highlighting its perfection even at night. “Hope you are still swimming,” whispers the tree, and the clock spins once again…another life…another life, brother.

So…what have we got here, thus far? Mirrors and magical trees and circumstantial events and an alternate temporal universe and tragic wisdom and foggy paths during a long cruise, and, always, ALWAYS, that clever and bizarre sense of an amazing tale of a woman’s survival instincts…

Ahhh…but we get ahead of ourselves, don’t we? There must be some misunderstanding, there must be some mistake…I went to the places…I rang your house…jumped in my car…I went round there…still don’t believe it…she was just leaving…there must be some misunderstanding…

Mirrors, like children, don’t lie. Well…that isn’t exactly true, is it? Those filthy little unwashed bastards can yak a yarn from here until doom’s gloom, but yet, you’ll never get them to admit it. Ahhh…but, we’ve driven far afield (or is it swam?), haven’t we? And that is the point, innit? We swoop down amongst the fishy natives, concealing our celluloid charms, and ponder. Oh, to ponder, perchance to dream of another life, brother.

Many too many have swam where I swam; many more will swim here, too…

Pretty much anything is possible here, and that is eerie as the Lost Hypnotist, with perfect Oceanic manner, casually suggests, “Just imagine something pleasant.” And so he does—the universe inside and out…where some arrive, falling from a great post-progressive height, or is it Arriving Somewhere…yes, indeed, this week’s hidden Hidden Flick.

READ ON for more on this week’s Hidden Flick…

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Clapton’s Crossroads On The Big Screen

A star-studded lineup featuring many of the best guitarists in the world gathered at Toyota Park outside of Chicago this past Saturday for Eric Clapton’s third Crossroads Guitar Festival.

The marathon 11-hour concert included sets from Sonny Landreth, Robert Randolph, Robert Cray, Bert Jansch, Stefan Grossman, ZZ Top, Doyle Bramhall II joined by Gary Clark & Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill joined by Albert Lee, James Burton, & Keb’ Mo’, Citizen Cope, Earl Klugh, John Mayer, Buddy Guy with Johnny Lang, Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi Band joined by Warren Haynes, Sheryl Crow, David Hidalgo, Cesar Rojas, & Johnny Winter, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton with Stevie Winwood and B.B. King.

If you didn’t make it out to Chicago for the festival, you can still watch a truncated version of the event at one of 475 theaters nationwide at 7:30PM on July 27th. Performances by Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Steve Winwood, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, emcee Bill Murray and others will be part of the movie. Tickets are available at theater box offices and online at Rhino plans to release a DVD/Blu-Ray edition of the film on November 8.

For more on this year’s Crossroads event, be sure to check out Jon Pareles’ review for the New York Times or Greg Kot’s review for the Chicago Tribune. READ ON for Clapton’s setlist from the Crossroads Guitar Fest…

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Phish 3D Movie: April 30th Release

As we first reported in October, Phish’s Festival 8 was filmed in 3D for a theatrical release and we finally have the details on just when we can catch Phish

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The B List: The Best Concert DVDs of 2009

[Originally Published: December 24, 2009]

Making a list of the Best Concert DVDs of 2008 was a struggle, because there weren’t many quality releases to choose from. This year, we have the opposite problem as there were tons of terrific Concert DVD releases.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Best Concert DVDs of 2009…

10. Arcade Fire – Miroir Noir


Arcade Fire fans were thrilled when the band announced they would be releasing a concert film chronicling the recording of Neon Bible and the subsequent tour. Unfortunately, director Vincent Morisset works so hard at not being a typical concert film that the documentary, which appears to be shot by cell phone cameras at points, isn’t all that entertaining. The bonus material makes Miroir Noir worth owning and earns it a spot on this list.

9. Return to Forever – Live at Montreux 2008


Legendary jazz fusion supergroup Return to Forever reunited in 2008 and this DVD gives a good illustration of how good this group of musicians continues to be. Filmed in Montreux, Return to Forever Returns contains a nice of mix of tunes from all of their albums played with passion and verve.

READ ON for the rest of our list of Best Concert DVDs of 2009…

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Passing Judgement On The Grammys & Oscars

The forty-eighth Grammy awards are but a week away. The music industry will descend upon Los Angeles any moment now and will have to deal with Woody Allen’s assertion that he didn’t “want to move to a city where the only cultural advantage is being able to make a right turn on a red light.” Here are some predictions from the main categories

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Music In Films: Top Movie Soundtracks From The Past Twenty Years

Since Titanic went way overboard, not a single soundtrack has made a major breakthrough, despite the fact there are some really good ones out there waiting to be discovered. So we compiled a list of some of the best contemporary soundtrack albums in the past 20 years, from some beloved, and some not so beloved films.

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M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village (INTERVIEW)

The Village is set in the late 1800s, and revolves around a community living with the frightening knowledge that a mythical race of creatures resides in the woods around them. Director M Night Shyamalan continues to encouraging us to face our frightened limitations and acknowledge their existence.

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Super Size Me: Directed By Morgan Spurlock

On the heels of the best selling book Fast Food Nation, and recent suit
filed against McDonald’s, claiming that the company’s food led to obesity,
Morgan Spurlock chows the unthinkable in the documentary film Super Size Me.

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