Hidden Flick: Another Life, Brother Reprise

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But…we’ve hidden our Hidden Flick in an obscure and dark trail of hidden clues, phishing for clues with dastardly false clues like a forest, filled with trees: the ethereal epiphanies of the mythical tome contains symbolic passages on its pages, when translated into a series of imagery, produce infinite levels of interdimensional conquests, and ultimately lead one back through the door, the Rhomboid vortex, indeed, back HOME: the course laid down long before—Dangerous Crossing, 1953 film noir.

And so we meet again. You dastardly mirror. Look away, will ya. It isn’t nice to stare. Then again…we gawk inside its depth to see not one, not two, but infinite possibilities of who we are, where we are, and, yes, what we are capable of doing in this timeline, or any other for that matter, in the closing of Season Five, Set 1—indeed, number 67 in total—as we head into another twisted observation, another Hidden Flick, Dangerous Crossing.

The path is clear though no eyes can see…the course laid down long before…and so with Gods and men, the sheep remain inside their pen…though many times they’ve seen the way to leave…

What is most striking about this concept is how the woman chooses to follow her intuition; although, she has several opportunities to meltdown within the realm of the odd ship of fools which rests at the center of this rather clever and bizarre tale in Dangerous Crossing.

There is only the next step, leading one ever onwards, as the battle between the forces of light and dark, time and space, and the notion that a cruise, a watery journey, has to progress in a clear fashion with images that tell you what is going on are discarded by the God of Hopeless Romantics who can determine WHY they are, but not WHERE they are.

As the scene faded from view, I looked back and saw an enormous tree near the arc of the enchanting coastline. Somehow, in my excitement of experiencing such a weird and wonderful epiphany, I missed its totem-like power. The tree was massive, and stood as a monument to something real and true, but there was very little life left on its long and gangly branches. However, the fact that what was there was so extraordinarily beautiful made the tree even more powerful, large, and magical. I didn’t see the bareness, just the potential beauty and life in the small, new buds that were present and waiting to expand outwards in windy bloom—a gale force like none other surrounded a tree for the ages.

The Tree of All That is Good shimmers ‘neath a silver series of clouds that neither judge nor abdicate its hollowed throne, and one is left breathless at the mysterious truth dancing amongst the stars on the outer rim of its sublime credo: we will do what it takes to get by, and we will find a way to swim onwards, and we will one day look in the mirror, and that naked truth, that very truth coming from another source, is really all our own. Wandering in the Garden of our Dreams, we hear the Piper, feel the cool bite of the Seven Below, witness the Return, come fumbling back onto the streets—the Lamb heads up Broadway.

To walk away from time or towards time—that is the question…that is the mirror…won’t you step into the freezer…back inside—a remembrance, a reflection, a frozen moment…

Randy Ray

Hidden Flick – Season 5:

Set 1: Another Life, Brother, Oshare Can You See, The Ocean Learns to Sway > And the Wave Rolled Back, Rock ‘n’ Roll Drive-In, Part 2 > The Tale of the Two Films >AL, B Reprise*


* includes elements of Another Life, Brother, Rock ‘n’ Roll Drive-In, Part 2, Tale of Two Films, the opening riff to 1953’s film noir Dangerous Crossing, to be discussed further in Season 5 – Set 2, and the conclusion to The Wilson Kingdom, a study of the work of Porcupine Tree from Season 4, which displays the counterpoint of harmonies, melodies pondered and repeated, heavy and soft, tight but loose, a veritable werckmeister, ahh…work maestro of sweet strands of imagery as the band hits a Chicago stage in 2005, with a clenched fist that always seems to play as if its palm is open, allowing melodies and ideas to drift outwards, away from the original point, genesis, and flying onwards…

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